Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Red Bay Report, Wednesday, April 8

Yes, here we are...still in Red Bay and surviving the cold snap. We've had wind and cold but no rain - yet. That's coming tomorrow evening, I guess.

Not much has been happening here, at least with us. Business is brisk at Camp Red Bay, with rigs coming in and going out and all about. Each night the overflow area down the runway has several coaches parked there. Then the next day, several people have their work completed and open up more spaces for the runway people, they move, and more people come in. This is definitely Snowbird Migration season here.

On Monday morning, I spent a lot of time on the phone with the manager of the mail forwarding service in South Dakota, going over paperwork and so forth in preparation for switching our residency. That particular service also offers to take care of vehicle registrations, so we were taking advantage of that to save us some time and hassle. Well, there's a lot more to the story than I will go into here, but the long and short of it is, it turned out to more expensive than we thought it would be to get insurance, mail service, and vehicle registrations in South Dakota. As a result, we have decided, "if it ain't broke - don't break it" - we'll stick with Texas.

Yesterday was Weight Watchers day. Jim went with me - not to the meeting, but to wait for me. It was a good meeting, and I showed a loss, even though with the cold weather I was pretty bundled up! After the meeting, we went to Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast (yes, I know, I don't like to eat out at breakfast!). Then Jim took me to the mall in Florence, Alabama. Yes, a real mall, with a Dillards, Belk's, Penney's, and Sears. We shopped there for hours, and then went to a bookstore nearby, and a Sam's Club. Whew! That was a lot of shopping. We each found a pair of jeans (he's needing smaller sizes now, too). I also found a few other items to supplement my wardrobe.

By then, we'd worked up an appetite and had a late lunch at Applebees before heading home.

This morning, Mr. BoJangles has gone to the local vet's office for a minor surgery to have a cyst removed from his chest area. We are a little nervous about him, of course, but I'm sure he'll be fine and ready to get back home later this afternoon.

Meanwhile, we're looking for a little warm-up today!


Leno said...

Fun to have a shopping day, especially when its to downsize in clothing size..
Hope Mr BoJangles is doing well after the surgery..

Speedy said...

Jim is the perfect guy!! Takes his number one girl to the Mall!!! and then shops with her...My a woman could not ask for more than that!!! Count your blessings Ellie..

Joe and Sherri

The Haman's said...

Here is me sending hugs for a speedy recovery to Mr. BoJangles. I sure hope all is well.
Stay safe

Janna and Mike said...

Does this mean you won't be coming to Montana if you are not going to South Dakota??