Monday, April 27, 2009

Pool Time - Enjoying the Warm Spring Weather

Saturday was partially a work day. I got the Castle cleaned up inside while Jim did - yep - the laundry. Chores were done pretty quickly though, as we were invited to Carol's house to enjoy some time in her swimming pool. First, though, I made a batch of Caramel Apple Salad and a Weight Watcher's chocolate cake to take with us.

After the cleaning and cooking was all finished, we headed over to Carol's and jumped right into the pool. She'd unintentionally heated the water when she forgot to turn the heater off a few nights ago when we'd all used the hot tub. The hot tub and swimming pool are connected, so the hot water just circulated right through the pool. It felt wonderful to us!

Her son in law, Scott, grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for us all, and we had a great cook out. After dinner, the dominoes came out for a rousing game of Mexican Train. I had terrible hands all night and lost badly! Oh well, another time, another place, I'll redeem my reputation!

Yesterday was pretty much a kick-back day. We walked in the morning and then I spent a lot of time relaxing and reading.

We'd made arrangements to meet Carol & Steve, and Dortha & Mark at Jim 'n Nick's BBQ for an early dinner. This weekend, Dortha & Mark took a week-end break from Red Bay and stayed with her brother, who lives in this area. Dortha's brother, Dan, his wife, Conley and their daughter, Danielle, also joined us for dinner. It was a great time, and lots of fun introducing Carol & Steve to Dan and Conley. Turns out they all belong to the same country club.

We got home from dinner around 6:30 and just settled in for a quiet evening.


Speedy said...

Swimming cooking out sounds like fun. We had rain all fun.

Mike McFall said...

Ha Ha, what you gonna do, RV or just h
"hang out" at Red Bay all the time?

Just kidding.....Go Go have some fun...Get outa Red Bay!!!

Hope 2 c ya this summer in the Black Hills!!!

Enjoy hearing about Red BaY!!!!

:-) Mike
Stick with the BEST,,,Dri Wash!!!