Sunday, April 19, 2009

Riding The Storm Out

Today was our last full day at Camp Red Bay. We spent the morning doing necessary chores like laundry and cleaning. One of the "features" of being here is putting up with the fine, white dust that gets kicked up by the motor home traffic. It's either that, or the river of mud from the rain. Either way, there's a lot of cleaning to do. Oh, today we got the rain and mud, more about that later.

Dortha started her day by baking a breakfast pizza to share with us. Mark delivered our hot breakfast and we enjoyed every bite. Thanks Dortha!

When breakfast was over, Jim headed out with the laundry and I got busy with the cleaning. Jim got back with the clean clothes. I guess all that folding and hanging was pretty hard work, he was hungry when he came back. The choice today was to go out to Gills Grill instead of cooking, and we decided to go at lunch. Jim and Mark both ordered hamburger steaks, Dortha and I both ordered grilled shrimp. Some things never change, I guess.

After lunch, Dortha and Mark came over and we talked more about our summer plans and visited for awhile. The rain came and went, and after a couple of hours, they went back to their coach. Well, the sky looked pretty threatening at that point. Dortha called out her window that we had a severe thunderstorm warning with hail the size of golf balls heading straight towards us. She and Mark headed over to the customer lounge. We pulled in our slides, but decided to stay here.

It got pretty noisy when the storm hit, and yes, we did get some golf-ball size hail. If we had to be in a bad, possibly damaging storm, this would be the best place to be, I guess. However, we did not have any damage, thank goodness! The storm passed through quickly and we all settled back in.

Tomorrow is travel day. We'll be staying in the lot at the Cummins facility in Birmingham tomorrow night so we can be there early Tues. morning for our appointment.

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