Monday, April 20, 2009

And We're Off to the Big City!

Finally, the countdown is complete and we've made our way out of Red Bay, Alabama. We took our time this morning. First, we got checked out of the office and got our walking papers to check out of the campground. Then we (read Jim) checked the roof of the motor home to see if yesterday's storm had indeed left us with any damage. This is what looked like towards the end of the storm yesterday. Glenn & Sylvia's motor home is on the left below:

Jim found some bent fins on the air conditioners, and a few on the radiator, but otherwise the motor home is ok. The bent fins can be be fixed easily enough. Mark wiped down the cars and he found a couple of slight dents on both theirs and ours, but not enough to be concerned about. By the time we would contact our insurance and make a claim, we'd end up with a lot more trouble than solution, so we'll just live with the tiny dents. You have to be bent down and looking across the back of the car to even see them, so no big deal.

We spent the morning visiting and puttering to get things ready to go. We said our "See Ya's" to Glenn and Sylvia and then went with Mark and Dortha to the Mexican restaurant one more time for their lunch buffet. It was pretty good, with some reasonably healthy options.

When we got back from lunch, we waited for the technicians who were making their way around the campground inspecting each motor home for hail damage. They were just taking notes for people who had damage so they could make claims to their insurance companies if they wanted to. Once they'd looked at our rig, confirming what we already knew and thankfully not finding anything that was missed, we fired up our engine and headed out, going east on Highway 24:

Past picturesque farms:

And then on to Highway 157 South:

To get on I-65 South to Birmingham.

It was a drive of about 2.5 hours to the Mid-South Cummins facility on the northeast side of Birmingham. We'll spend the night here in their lot to be ready for our 7:00 a.m. appointment tomorrow morning. Then we'll be on our way to the Birmingham South Campground to spend the next 10 days, relaxing, shopping and enjoying a visit with friends.


The Haman's said...

I've been waiting for the pictures of your new blinds. Did I miss them?

Mark and Dortha said...

Don't get too caught up in the Big City life. LOL, have fun and see you soon...I hope!


Speedy said...

Well good to see you back on the road again. Red Bay is free but I know it is not your idea of a fun spot...LOL Hope you have a good time and keep those photos coming...we miss you both.

Joe and Sherri