Monday, April 13, 2009

Countdown Begins

Today begins our last week in Red Bay - not that we're anxious to go or anything! We have our reservations made for the Birmingham South Campground just off I65 in Pelham, AL. It used to be a KOA. We'll be staying there for 10 nights, then start heading towards Colorado.

We spent a lot of time over the weekend working on some cleaning and organizing tasks, planning routes for our westward trek this summer, and researching campgrounds. We also had a mini-yard sale, with several items put out in front of the motor home with prices marked. We sold a couple of small items - gotta make room for new stuff!

The picture today was taken last summer when we were here, it's in Tishomingo State Park in Mississippi.

We visited with Glenn and Sylvia a bit yesterday. When I talked to them today, Glenn told me they will be scheduled in an express bay sometime this week. Express bays are reserved for those repairs that can be completed within about 3 to 4 hours. That's pretty good news for them, as it means they will be on their way soon.
Mark and Dortha are on their way and should be here tomorrow at some point. We hope they can get a full hook-up site without having to wait for one, but it's a catch-as-catch-can kind of thing around here. Over the weekend, there were quite a few empty sites, but yesterday afternoon and today, many of them got filled. If enough people have their repairs completed and hit the road tomorrow morning, Mark and Dortha could get a spot. We hope so!
Today we went to Russellville, 24 miles away, to get a few groceries at Walmart. We also made a run across the county line for some adult beverages, since Franklin County, where Red Bay is located, is a dry county. We stopped for lunch at a local restaurant in Russellville. It was ok, but certainly not very diet friendly. But we made up for lunch by having a healthy dinner.
Another fine day in Red Bay!

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Speedy said...

Is this the only repair facility for these MHs?? Why is it full all the time? Gosh it seems like they have so many repairs going on all the time. Must be a very busy place. I guess only fulltimers can use this unless you could use your vacation time to repair your rig? Can they repair them at a dealer?
Stay safe.

Joe and Sherri