Saturday, April 18, 2009

Countdown Continues - Saturday

Even though we're in "countdown" mode, we haven't been just sitting around watching the clock. We've gotten quite a bit accomplished in the last few days.

On Wednesday, Dortha and Mark were moved to the site next to us and just across from Glenn and Sylvia. That afternoon, Jim got his new little Weber gas grill which he ordered from an online grill store. Even though he was anxious to try it out, we ended up going to the local Mexican restaurant for dinner.
Thursday was the installation of our new tank level indicators. Over time, the original gray and black tank sensors have stopped working accurately. That was one of the items on our list that the Tiffin repair folks were not able to resolve to our satisfaction. Their solution was to tell us we need to use a cleaner called Pine Power every time we use the tanks. (Which of course, is all the time!) We've tried that but it doesn't work all that well. We found out about a local company in this area that works independently on rv's (primarily Tiffin products), and we were able to get an appointmentto have "SeeLevel" sensors and indicators installed. We got up and packed up the place early Thursday morning and headed over to Custom RV, about 7 miles from here.
Jim is watching the installer prepare the tanks for the sensor panels. They are attached to the outside of the tanks on the passenger side of the coach.
The little green square in the center of the picture below is the sensor on the gray tank. You can see the top of the one on the fresh water tank in the bottom of the picture. With the sensors on the outside of the tank, there is less chance that any "gunk" or soap scum inside the tank will interfere with the accurate level reading.
Once the sensors were attached to the tanks, they were wired in to the control panel inside the coach, in the same location that the previous level indicators were. The readout is in percentage, so when we check the level, we can see the exact percentage the tanks are full.

Mark has recently become a distributor for a cleaning/polishing product called "The Solution", so we wanted to try it out. We have been using a product called Dri-Wash n Guard, which we like very much. But since we live in a great big vehicle, we're always needing to clean the outside as well as the inside, and having more than one cleaning product may not be a bad thing. So, on Thursday after we got back from our installation appointment, we got out our cleaning and polishing cloths and got to work. In just a couple of hours we had our home shining brightly. But we had run out of energy, so the car would wait for another day.

Jim got to try out his new grill with a batch of chicken breasts, which turned out really good. I think the little grill is a keeper! Dortha and I collaborated on the rest of the dinner.
Yesterday seemed like a good day to take a run over to Florence to do some shopping at the mall. The six of us, Glenn and Sylvia, Mark and Dortha, Jim and I, piled into two vehicles and headed out. By the time we got going and reached the town of Florence, it was getting close to lunchtime, so before we started shopping we stopped at Applebees for lunch. Then we made the rounds of several stores.
After our shopping, we were ready to enjoy some ice cream before we came back, and we stopped at this little ice cream stand in Florence:

And that brings us to today. The weather has been a little "iffy" today, with rain predicted. I decided to try to get the car cleaned anyway, so I took the vacuum cleaner outside and got that done. I cleaned both inside and outside, so that's done for a little while. Now, if we can just keep the rain away...

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Speedy said...

Those are the sensors that I had on the Open Road...I think the ones on the Carriage are also external...not sure but I will check that out. I know the ones on the Open Road were very accurate and I never had any problem with them giving me bad readings. You will like your new sensors for sure.

Joe and Sherri