Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Beautiful Day

Jim 006 We hope you have had a beautiful Valentines Day too!

The sun was up before we were today, it felt so good to sleep in after waking up early almost every day since we landed in the desert.  That sleeping in led to a slow start for both of us, and we didn’t get around much until after 10.  I’ve heard it takes 21 days to establish a new habit, so we are still a few days away from locking in the habit of sleeping with total silence surrounding us.  It’s amazing how conditioned we become to the noise that is usually a constant in the background of our lives.

Jim made a store run to Parker, where the nearest “real” grocery stores are.  It’s about 30 miles from us, which means it is a fairly big deal to run to the store.

We took a walk this afternoon, but otherwise it was a relaxing day around here.

Janna and I planned a nice Valentines Day dinner with a filet mignon roast she provided for Jim to fix.  I baked a Weight Watchers chocolate cake and we both fixed some side dishes to complete a really fine meal.

After dinner we played a few games of Cribbage, with Janna & me on one team, and Mike & Jim on the other.  The guys beat us this time, but we’ll have a chance to fix that, I’m sur e.

Yes, it’s been a beautiful day in the Arizona desert.

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