Monday, February 1, 2010

Get Ready

ellie 008 I’m not sure I really “get” that we’re leaving here day after tomorrow. We arrived here at Santee Lakes the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and that seems like a long time ago! We’re leaving a lot of undone activities and sights “on the table” for our next visit, as usual, we didn’t do nearly as many things as we had on the list.

Today the preparations for departure continued, with checking all the tire pressures with our Pressure Pro system. We’ve had some minor problems with some of the sensors, so we’ve been working with the folks at Pressure Pro to solve these issues. We’ve made good progress, but we have one sensor that insists on letting the air out of one of our car tires, so it’s going back to them once more to see if they can fix it, or we’ll just get it replaced. The other main issue was that one or two sensors either provided no reading or gave a false reading. When Jim communicated with the company, he found out that our repeater being behind the mirrored closet door might have been interfering with the signal strength. So, he moved the repeater and tested the signal strength, and found that the signal strength increased quite a bit. We hope that will take care of most of the issues.

Jim had one final dentist appointment to make sure he’s good to go. He still has some work that will need to be completed, but that can be done by one of the business partners in Colorado Springs when we get there later on in the Spring. After his check-up, he did the laundry while I worked on getting things done back at the Castle.

We got the propane tank topped off as well. We’ll be running the fridge and water heater on propane, as well as our furnaces. Important things! I got the two freezer compartments defrosted (my LEAST favorite job), and the fridge cleaned out. Now I have a good idea of what food we have on hand, but there are grocery stores within reasonable distance from where we’ll be camped, so I can pick up fresh veggies, etc., once we get there.

I talked to Mike and Janna, and made arrangements for them to meet us at the turn off to the road we need to take outside Quartzsite, so they can lead us to our camping area. Janna will make supper for us, what a help that will be! That’s one of the wonderful things about this RV family, we take care of each other and make sure no one goes hungry!

Tomorrow I’ll have brunch with Deb and another friend who lives in the LA area, one last visit! Then we’ll do all our final packing up for travel, pay our electric bill and get the car hooked up. That way, when it comes time to pull out Wednesday morning, we can take our time and run through our checks without feeling rushed.

We’ll be camping about 20 or so miles from Quartzsite, 30 or so miles from Parker, and 5 miles or so from Bouse. All of those are in Arizona near I-10 just east of California, if you’re not familiar with the area. It’s all BLM land, which means no cost, but no amenities either, other than quiet beauty! We will have a full fresh water tank and empty holding tanks. Our generator has just been serviced, and the inverter is working great (knock on wood). So, we think this is going to be a fun time.


dreamjosie said...

Good luck on your great adventure.

Jeanette said...

If you stop at Buckskin Mountain Park (10 miles north of Parker) please say “Hello.” Jim & Jeanette Scott