Sunday, February 28, 2010

Decision Gets Made

Well, both issues  I last mentioned have been resolved.  We moved, and, as a result, our internet reception is much improved.  We are going to continue boondocking in the desert for awhile, just in a different spot.

We’re hoping my nieces can come visit us, and we’re both staying with friends Janna and Mike and hoping other friends will make it to the desert to visit.  As a result, our trip over to Congress . AZ to the Escapees North Ranch park is delayed – for now.

Yesterday, Mike, Jim and I made a scouting trip over to an area near Bouse that appeared to have much better cell and internet reception while still on BLM land. We talked it over, and decided to postpone our return to civilization, i.e., RV parks with full-hookups and close neighbors.

I was wondering this morning if we’d made the right decision. First, one of my 2 clocks decided on it’s own that I needed to know when it was 4:00 am, and turned it’s little blue light on.  Five minutes later, it figured I didn’t get it the first time, and did it again!  This time I had the presence of mind to pull the back off and take a battery out so it couldn’t do it again!

Finally, I got up and turned on the generator and started the coffee pot.  In a few minutes, I realized the sounds coming from the coffee pot were not normal, so I got up to investigate, only to find that I’d failed to ensure the basket was tightly installed in the basket-holder, causing the whole thing to overflow and make a huge, nasty mess of coffee grounds and hot water.  Finally, I got that all cleaned up.  Then I put another load of beans in the grinder and started all over.  At last, coffee!

I was worried about the spot we’d picked out because as we left the area yesterday, we saw a 5th wheel coming in to the area.  So, once I got the coffee mess cleaned up, had a few sips of coffee and got my head half-way started, I jumped in the car and drove to “our” spot to make sure it was still open.  It was.

Janna and Mike needed to take her quilting machine apart and get it packed away, so I figured I had plenty of time to both pack and get my spaghetti sauce on to simmer.  All of a sudden, Jim came in and said Mike and Janna were all packed and ready to head out.  I had to hurry and get the sauce finished and get everything put away and ready to roll.  We let them go ahead and get settled while we went to Quartzsite to get diesel fuel, dump our tanks, top off our propane and fill with fresh water.  When we got to our new area, we found that Mike found a better spot than we’d picked out yesterday.  Janna led us in to the area and we got all set up.

Happy hour was next, followed by a spaghetti dinner, and then a campfire with s’mores for dessert.  We are settled in to a beautiful area, waiting for visiting friends and family.  In the meantime, we’ll enjoy our new view and our faster internet access.

So…just where are we now? We are a few miles outside Bouse, Arizona, which is between Quartzsite and Parker.  If we look carefully, we might see another RV in the distance, but a casual glance around our area provides a pretty isolated view:


Ellie 018

We sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine and view:

Ellie 021

After dinner, Mike and Jim got a fire going so we could make s’mores:

Jim 002

It’s been a great day, at least after it got going.


Al Bossence said...

So happy to see all you folks still enjoying your boondocking. You go guys:))

Margie M. said...

Looks like you all found a great place to make your "own little RV park". Enjoy the beautiful area, and the peacefulness of being apart from the rat race.

Karon said...

Life is good!!! Love your yard!! And there is no mowing or watering, just yours to enjoy!!!

Love you and miss you!

squawmama said...

Ok now you're really tempting us to go out there and try boon docking in the wild... BUT I have questions. How do you do it? I mean, water, baths, dishes, and all... How long can you stay before you need to go dump and refill everything??? Our rigs are about the same size and all. I really like what I am seeing and hearing of this experience... How do you know where to park? Tell me... I want to know. Just send an email... If we get close to that area and you're still there we may come on out... we are in Carlsbad right now and will be about a week before we get to Tucson... Have fun and travel safe!
I envy your experience
Donna & Ralph