Friday, February 26, 2010

Internet Woes and Indecision

If you have been reading Janna’s blog, Tin Tee-Pee Log Cabin, you already know that we’ve been struggling for a couple of days with our internet signal.  Yesterday, it was completely missing for much of the day.  Finally, last evening, I called Verizon.  It seems there  was a major network outage in Arizona that affected a lot of data customers. Of course, when I was trying to get the error code to tell the service rep, I got connected.  The speed is extremely slow though.

We’ve also been discussing changing some of our phone service options.  Specifically, we wanted to decrease the number of minutes on our plan and discontinue the use of my Blackberry and get a “simple” phone.  Those 2 actions will save us about $50 per month.  I called Verizon this morning and got those things done.  I also found out that a small cell phone company controls most of Western Arizona, which prevents Verizon from improving their coverage in this area.

The other big discussion happening right now is whether we are going to move back into “civilization” next week.  We’d planned to go to Congress and stay at the Escapees North Ranch for a week or so, then maybe go back to boondocking for a few weeks.  We need to be in the Phoenix area during the middle of April so I can fly from there to Mississippi for my annual “camping” trip with my Weight Watcher friends.

But, we like it here so much, it is just about as perfect a situation as we can imagine.  So we’re just not sure if we want to move to an RV park just yet, although we do want to visit with friends who are at North Ranch right now.  Today Janna and Mike went to check out some other potential sites in this same area, and we may just tag along with them  if they move, and make a day trip over to Congress for a visit.

What will we decide??  How can we leave this spot??

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Al Bossence said...

We had excellent 4 bar fast Verizon service south of Quartzsite all the way down into the Castle Dome mountains. Great area, close to Yuma for those big shopping excursions, & great internet. Try it, you might like it:))