Friday, February 19, 2010

Yuma and Neighbors

The picture below was from yesterday’s Palm Canyon hike, the desert is noticeably greener these days.  Many ocotillo are blooming, I’m hoping it will be a colorful year for desert flowers.

Jim 048

Today was a shopping day.  Janna and Mike mentioned visiting the market in Yuma, plus a Sam’s Club stop.  A lunch at Famous Dave’s was also on the agenda.

Janna and Mike were not terribly impressed with the market.  I think they expected more antiques, but this was row after row of little shops featuring all sorts of merchandise, everything from tools to dog sunglasses!

We looked for awhile and then headed off to Sam’s Club to pick up the things we needed from there.  Famous Dave’s was next, with a quick stop at Dairy Queen for small ice creams.  The guys managed a fast run through the Harbor Freight store as well.

Then it was getting to be time to start back to our desert homes.  As we pulled up the road, I noticed a motorhome parked – TOO CLOSE to us!!  It slipped out of my mouth before I could stop it, “Oh NO!!!”  Everyone else thought something really bad had happened, like our coach had been broken into or something.  No, nothing like that.  Just – neighbors!  I’m taking a lot of teasing about how territorial I’ve become.  Yikes.  One of these days I know we’ll be heading out of this beautiful, peaceful, quiet, remote place and pulling into an RV Park, squeezed in between a bunch of other RV’s.  Now, that’s a scary thought!


JB said...

Brenda used to think that boondocking wasn't going to be for her. She finally agreed to a 3-4 day stay in the desert. I have had trouble getting her to leave the desert ever since.

Al Bossence said...

A very scary thought indeed!!

Speedy said...

Sounds so pretty there...I would like to do that and spend some time just setting out looking at desert.

Motty said...

Loved the palm canyon, one of the most beautiful places.
As of boondocking - as I always said - can't wait to start it. I am already hooked before I started, and looking up to you guys from my campground site. I will get there, sooner than later.