Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Girls Day Out

Jim 003 I think today’s trek to a Weight Watchers meeting might have set a record for me in terms of distance – about 65 miles from our desert home to Lake Havasu City, which is the closest location we could find!  Janna fired up their little Silver convertible around 7 (yes, A.M.) and off we went, leaving the husbands to their own activities.

It was a chilly morning, but the ride was beautiful!  I’d never seen this scenery before, so I really enjoyed the dramatic hills and the views of the Colorado River as we approached Lake Havasu.  We got to the meeting location a little early, just in time to take a quick spin through town and pick up Lattes to enjoy after weigh in.

Once the meeting was over, we decided not to waste such a long drive, so we headed off to the local mall for some shopping.  We browsed through Dillards and then decided we needed some lunch to renew our energy so we could continue shopping.  We found a gourmet pizza restaurant that served single slices with salad, which was a good choice for us, since we’re determined to work on our healthy eating habits.

More shopping followed lunch, with more browsing than buying, which I’m sure the husbands appreciated. Janna did find a nice handbag, and I found some skin care products, so we did contribute a little to the economy today.

We stopped at the Safeway grocery store in Parker on our way home and bought a few things.  By this time the weather was much warmer and sunny, so Janna suggested we finish our ride home with the top down.  I may have imagined this, but I think that little car runs a quite a bit faster with the top down!  Janna wanted to stop at the Post Office in Bouse to check on a package, and then we came on home.

While we were gone, Jim took care of the laundry at the laundromat in Parker.  He did a little shopping of his own, then stopped in Bouse to fill up more water jugs.  Mike and Ainslie took a long hike.  I think everyone had a good day.

Janna  and I pooled our resources for dinner this evening and had a very delicious and healthy dinner here at the Castle.  Today’s picture is one Jim took of the sunset this evening from our front yard.

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squawmama said...

Sounds like this boondocking is catching on for you guys... Did I mention that I like the new photo of you two on the sidebar? It is very nice! Have fun out there in the dessert and stay good!
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