Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beautiful Day Again

Jim 008 I feel decadent and spoiled.  How can I say that in a place with no electrical or water hook-ups?  Who would have thought we’d last a month in the desert, boondocking!  Well, not only have we been out here a month today, we get to liking it more every day!

Today was another beautiful, warm day.  I took my time getting started and never got to moving very fast, I admit.  Jim added 20 gallons of water to our fresh water tank and I took a long walk up the road to see what’s there.  Everyone else had their own agenda as well, but once again, we gathered for our evening meal, which was leftover gumbo and rice, plus cornbread and potato salad.  Peach cobbler topped it off for dessert.

We appreciate the comments about our internet issues, including the suggestions to get the Verizon MiFi instead of a router.  I spent some time researching it this morning and talked to a Verizon customer service rep about it.  (Yes, I actually made another phone call to a big company!)  After looking into it, we’ve decided not to go that direction, at least for now.  Reason #1 is that it would cost us about $270 for the device right now.  Reason #2 is it doesn’t have an external antenna port.  We know that our antenna has really increased our signal in more than one location, and we would not like to lose that option.  Reason #3 is that it would “probably” take us out of our current “grandfathered” status of unlimited data and move us to the 5 gigabyte limit plan. Although we typically don’t use that much, we don’t want to let that go.  The reason I say “probably” is that the Verizon rep said the only way to really know if that would happen is to order it and see what happens.  Not liking that option!

We did order another router though, and will use the warranty replacement as a back-up, whenever we get that one.  The new one cost less than $100 and will be delivered within 3 to 5 business days.  So, I think we can manage to share our internet access for a few days and things should then get back to normal.

Meanwhile, we’ll just continue to enjoy each day as it comes and share our joy in the beauty of this place.


Happytrails said...

Hi guys,
We tried the MiFi when we started full-timing in August. Our son, who works with Verizon, said we would not loose our unlimited plan because we didn't change the plan only the aircard. Now, with that said, we didn't keep the MiFi long, only a week. We did some research and also felt the external antenna was very important for full-timing. So we now have the aircard, cradlepoint router and external antenna. We also agree about not giving up our unlimited plan. We sure would like faster service though.

Looks like you all are really enjoying desert camping! Wonderful! Can't wait till we can start actually moving this rig. We spent the winter at Rainbow Plantation.

Take care and enjoy!!

Unknown said...

Ok, I found you. I guess this isn't facebook, but rather your blog. Love the picture. You both look perfectly happy - as it should be! See my eml to you via Facebook. Love Rosalie