Monday, March 15, 2010

What Happened??? or, The Return of The “Pavement Princess”

Ellie 013 On Saturday, Rollie put a big turkey in his smoker (yes, he has space in his truck storage area to carry it!) and smoked that turkey for about 10 hours.  They provided sides of home-grown corn, beans, cornbread and more for the six of us.  Since Janna and Mike had planned to head out early Sunday morning, this was our last get-together.  What a great time we had!  The food was incredible, the company and conversation lively and entertaining.  We will always remember and cherish the entire time we spent with both couples.

As with all things, though, the good times evolve, and it was soon time to say farewell to Janna and Mike as they enjoyed their last sunset with us:

Ellie 019_2 

They  were on the road very early Sunday morning, when we got up, it was so empty out in front of us!  We went about our usual morning routines, knowing it was the last routine morning for our desert experience.  Then we started our pre-departure routines, packing up our outside things and getting started on the inside jobs.

Gina and Rollie invited us over for leftovers so we wouldn’t have to cook on our last evening.  Again, we enjoyed a wonderful meal and their company!  Too soon it was time to head back to our coach to finish our preparations.

Now, for the culture shock!  Here’s a “before” picture, our spot in the desert, looking towards Gina and Rollie’s rig:

Ellie 026

We rolled out of this beautiful, open, quiet, space at 8 this morning and headed off to Interstate 10 and the Phoenix area.  We had one stop to make at the Freightliner facility to take care of a minor recall issue:

Ellie 009

And here is the “after” picture in our new home for the next few weeks:

Ellie 012_1

Yes, our neighbor’s carport awning is so close, we can’t open our window awning!

Oh, My, Gosh.  We are across the street from a Costco, just blocks from I-17, and a stone’s throw from a dozen neighbors!  Yikes!!  But, we signed up for this and we will adjust.  The air conditioner was turned on for a little while this afternoon so the dogs would stay cool while we went and got a bite to eat.  Speaking of the dogs, Jasmine is going to have to adjust to the frequent walkers who cross in front of our coach – she really got used to the quiet and solitude and is jumpy about all the people and cars around now.

I told Jim I will absolutely need frequent day trips to the outlying areas around here, both to explore them, and to check out possible places for us to stay on future trips.  But for now, the 50-amp, Pavement Princess and her Prince are settled in (or is that squeezed in) to sidewalks and paved streets.

I’m sure we can find some sort of adventures around here!


FD5, Retired said...

WOW, what a big difference in scenery, as you say you will adjust and I am sure we will have to do the same. Have a safe trip to Mississippi.

Stay Safe

JB said...

Well I wish I could say you will get used to it, but once that boondocking bug bites you it is incurable. You will measure the time till you break those pavement and power bonds and run for the hills every chance you get.

Mark and Dortha said...

Glad to see you had a safe trip back to reality! However, even with 50 amp full hookups, I am sorry to see you so squeezed in!

Janna and Mike said...

Oh, Ellie and Jim--that is way too close! Give poor Jasmine and BoBo a hug for us. Emmi is adjusting to being back on a leash.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Ohhhh what a difference! Let's count the days till you hit the desert again. LOL

If I *HAD* to stay there, for whatever reason, I think I would want to stay inside, draw the blinds and hide out... pretending I am still out in the natural surroundings.

Karen and Steve

dreamjosie said...

Oh my. What culture shock. Too bad you couldn't have eased into it more with a less crowded environment. And somehow I think the Pavement Princess is gone and Desert Ellie has taken her place.

Vicariously enjoyed your boondocking adventure and expect to see more in your future.


Al Bossence said...

Ooohhhhhhh, you poor guys. You have our deepest sympathy regarding this most unfortunate turn of events.....We hope you will both soon be over this dreaded RV Park disease & headed back out into the healing desert again. Our thoughts & desert rocks are with you.....:))