Saturday, March 6, 2010

Busy Day

Trying to conserve water, I decided to take the dogs to a groomer.  It had been over a year since they’d had a "professional” job done on them anyway, and I thought it would be a good time to do that.  Yesterday was their appointment, 10:00 in Parker.  We had no real plan for what we’d do while they were getting their new do’s, but we did know grocery shopping was going to be part of the day. 

On the road to Parker, this is our familiar view:

Ellie 002

Jasmine is getting low on her medication and food, as well, so when I dropped them off at the groomer, I asked for a recommendation for a veterinarian in town.  She told me that the nearest good vet was in Blythe.  That is in the complete opposite direction, so after we talked about it, we decided to go up to Lake Havasu City and try the PetSmart there.

It was a beautiful, sunny day for a drive, here are some sights along Hiway 95 between Parker and Lake Havasu City:

Ellie 009

Ellie 006

Coming into town:

Ellie 014

The PetSmart did not have a Banfield’s Veterinary clinic, so no food or meds for Jasmine.  Just so the trip wouldn’t be completely wasted, I stopped in Dillards and bought a couple of new lipsticks!  We did find a veterinary clinic  in town, and at least got Jasmine’s food.  I’d forgotten to bring the prescription for her meds, so that will have to wait until next week – another day trip! Then we stopped in at Red Robin for lunch since we had a gift card.  The meal was ok, but the service was not!

It was time to head back to Parker for our grocery stop before picking up the dogs.  We went to both Safeway and Walmart, got all the groceries and then got to the dog groomer’s right at the time they were supposed to be done.  The groomer saw me coming in the door and hurried me right back outside with the bad news that somehow Mr. BoJangles hadn’t been bathed, so he wasn’t done yet!  She thought it would be about 50 minutes and he’d be ready to go.  We had cold food in the car, and did not want to sit in the sun for nearly an hour, so I told Jim I’d take him back and come back into Parker to get Mr. BJ.  It was a little over an hour before I got back and the dog still wasn’t done.  I had to wait nearly another hour. Grrrr…. On top of all the delay, I wasn’t very pleased with the job she did.

I was very happy to get back home and have a delayed happy hour!  Gina made a pot of taco soup, so Jim and I went over and had a quick dinner with them before calling it a day.  In spite of the frustrations, it was a good day!


Fred Wishnie said...

Great attitude to call that a good day. The desert must be a major calming influence. :-)

Happytrails said...

I agree with Fred....from the looks of those pics it must be calming. Absolutely beautiful!! :)

squawmama said...

Sounds like a fun day to me and I just knew you left off that we need lipstick while boondocking... We always need to stay looking good right??? We took Tiffy to the groomers while vising Roswell, NM the other day. Lucky to get her an appointment at the last minute... Thanks for all your info on boondocking. We are going to ALsaka with another couple this summer and we have decided to do a lot of boondocking while there so all of your tips will help a lot. Have a SUPER day... & travel safe!!!