Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dogs’ Day

We don’t have many frustrations in this lifestyle.  However, sometimes getting good customer service in the medical arena, whether that be for people or dogs, can be a challenge.  Jasmine takes one medication, and we were nearly out of it.  It’s also time for their annual vaccinations, so I’ve been looking for a good veterinarian nearby.  Last week, when I took them to the groomer, I was given the name of a vet over in Blythe.  When I called them, the voice on the phone was less than friendly, and in a rather abrupt manner, informed me they were making appointments for late April.  I thanked her for her time and hung up.  My next call was to the animal hospital in Havasu City where we bought Jas’s food last week.  Total opposite tone of voice here.  As it happened, there was a cancellation for this afternoon, so I booked the time and we headed off to Havasu City to get the dogs all fixed up.

We had time for lunch first, and a stop at Lowe’s for some pieces and parts.  Then we headed over to the Havasu City Animal Hospital.  We were treated like old friends by the efficient and smiling receptionist, vet tech and veterinarian too.  What a delight!  The vet spent a lot of time gently examining the dogs and talking to me about various conditions and recommendations.  The dogs are both in great condition and now have their vaccinations all done.  Jas has her medications for the next three months, so we’re all set.  And I’m pleased that we were treated with such respect and consideration.  I made sure to tell the staff, doc included, that I was very impressed with their customer service, and if we’re back in this area again, I’ll definitely consider them first for our veterinary needs.

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We headed back home with a quick stop in Parker at the Walmart and gas station, both businesses we’re heavily supporting these days!

The sun is finally shining again after a cool, cloudy, windy day, and we happily settled in for the evening.

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Fred Wishnie said...

It would be helpful if you published the name of the unfriendly vet so we can all make sure to avoid them when we are in the area.