Friday, March 19, 2010

We’re Adjusting

Ellie 020_1 Life is settling into some sort of routine.  Yes, it’s very, very different from our desert routine!  One of the wonderful aspects about this gypsy lifestyle of ours is that we have the opportunity to experience so many different things in this great country of ours.  Luckily for us, we enjoy a lot of different types of experiences.

I’ve attended a Weight Watchers meeting near us.  That’s always an interesting experience, one of those “same but different” things.  I nearly always pick up some new tidbits and a renewal of motivation, and I enjoy getting to know different leaders’ styles.  We are picking up on the culture and routine here at the RV park.  There is a very interesting mix of people here.  The lady who lives right next door to us is 96 years old – and still drives!  She stopped by on her walk a couple of days ago.  She was on her way to the office to pick up her mail.  About 45 minutes later, she made her way back.  She doesn’t walk very fast!  Many people are snowbirds, now making preparations to head back “home”.  One section of the park is all short-term RV folks who are just here for a few days or a week.  Interspersed throughout the park there are park-model homes and RV’s, some of which are clearly not going anywhere soon.  People are generally very friendly, almost everyone greets us as we walk around.

There is a large swimming pool and Jacuzzi here that are both indoors, but have a patio area outside.  We’ve been over there a couple of afternoons to swim and sun.  I’ve established a walking route around the neighborhood surrounding the park for myself and the dogs.  We still have lots of exploring to do though, and I’m so looking forward to getting out on some trails.

We’re working on the various clean-up items on our list, including getting caught up with all of the laundry, giving both dogs a bath, cutting my hair and Jim’s too.  Jim has started the outside cleaning of the Castle,  including buffing the scratches in the paint from getting too close to some bushes in our desert hang-outs.  I’ve started the inside cleaning, taking one section at a time to do really deep cleaning.  We are making progress but not working too hard!

Today we went to a large mall and walked from one end to the other at least a couple of times.  I was looking for a sun hat and new swim suit – both items found.  We discovered a large wine/liquor store, Total Wine & More, across from the mall, so we spent some time browsing in there too.  It is a national chain, so we’ll be able to visit some of their other stores in the east. 

The noise and traffic of the city hasn’t bothered us as much as we thought it might.  Even though we are close to major highways, we don’t notice the traffic noise.  There is some air traffic, and of course, the local folks walking and driving by, but, we are adjusting!  Even Jasmine has settled in and isn’t quite so jumpy as she was the first couple of days we were here. As we most always do, we’re enjoying life!


squawmama said...

Hi Jim & Ellie... Glad your settling in and all is going so well for you all... We will be heading down that way again in about a week and if all goes well we'll get in touch with you and set up a luncheon date or something. Our plans have changed and instead of meeting our friends in Colorado we decided to meet on the west side of Phoenix and go to California. Have a super day and Travel safe!

Janna and Mike said...

Glad to hear city life hasn't been too traumatic. We are still camped in our friend's driveway in Tombstone but are leaving tomorrow, haven't really made any concrete plans.

Speedy said...

I miss the desert all ready! I just can't imagine waking up in the morning with that view out my window...