Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This n’ That

Jim 059 If you’re one of our regular readers, you have most likely figured out by now that we’re not doing a lot of exciting things these days!  It’s hard to write a blog every day that consists of our lives in the very slow lane.

I’ll hit the highlights of our past week, yes there were a few moments!

The first event that was really a lot of fun was getting a call from Gina last Tuesday with a plea for help.  Seems their freezer had gone out and they “had” to put on a big feed to use up some of the food that had thawed.  Aw, gee, what a shame!  Of course, we always try to be available to help our friends out, so we put our plans on hold (what plans!) and headed up to North Ranch at Congress for a gathering.  We arrived around 4:30 and found the the lot they were staying on.  The McFalls were already there, as were Tom and Sally, the owners of the lot.  We had a wonderful time visiting and, of course, eating!  It was good to see Gina and Rollie again as well.

The rest of the week went by fairly uneventfully, with the exception of preparing a bunch of paperwork related to all of our favorite tasks – satisfying the IRS.  We got a nice letter from them, wanting a little more money.  Their gimmick was trying to convince us we took a “premature” withdrawal from our Health Savings Accounts.  Jim’s theory is that a trainee got our return to review and just chose something to pick at.  Anyway, I speeded up my paper organizing project and got all our receipts pulled together, scanned, and sent off to our accountant for her to handle.

We also spent some time planning.  As much as I dream about not having a plan, I live with someone who makes lists to keep track of the lists he makes, so we typically have a plan of where we’ll be, complete with reservations!  This summer is his 40th high school reunion, and some of his friends have been asking him to go – it’s in Amarillo in July.  Well, our dear friends Karon and Dan are also in Texas this summer, so we made a deal, I get to see Karon and he gets to go to his reunion!  Our plans are therefore set until near the end of July.  After that – so far, no plan!

My niece, Tammy’s birthday was Friday, and we were invited to her house for dinner, so we took a nice chocolate cake to her.  It was a delicious steak dinner and we got to spend more time with family.

Saturday was a play day, we attended the Outdoor Expo at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility just north of us.  There were representatives from many different organizations specializing in all sorts of outdoor type activities, from fishing to 4-wheeling, cowboy shooting, and just about any other kind of shooting you can think of.

Otherwise, our days consist of working on the waxing and polishing of the Castle – no, we’re still not done with that.  We’re parked with the driver’s side to the south, so that side gets sun pretty early in the day.  We work for a few hours until it gets too hot, then move on to other activities for the rest of the day.  Today we finished with that side, so I expect the rest of the job will go more quickly now that we’ll be working on the shady side of the coach.

We are enjoying life in this slow lane!


squawmama said...

Hi there... You guys are kinda just like us right now... No plans we are just waiting for friends to show up... We are in Tonopah, Az and there is really not much to do... I have a hard time blogging when we have not done to much... Also we needed some time just to take care of Tassie... After 6+ months on the road (this leg) she needs a bath and spit shine... Have fun and enjoy the day,
Travel Safe

Speedy said...

With the government needing money to pay off all these programs...it will be getting worse. The IRS is the "SS" of the collection agencies. Be ready to be sucked dry.

dream reachers said...

We had meant to contact y'all while we were in the Phoenix area to see if we couldn't get together. We had stopped at Congress to see Gina and Rollie but when we got back to Peoria where we were staying Jeanne started feeling bad. The pollen was waging war with her sinuses and she stayed inside with the AC on all week. We left 2 days earlier than planned. We are now at Coarsegold Ca.- Pines of Sierra. Sorry we missed you when we were so close.