Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day Trip to Tupelo

During the work week here at Camp Red Bay, things start early, but on weekends it's pretty quiet. We managed to sleep in until 7:30 this morning, then took our time with waking up and drinking coffee.

Eventually we got going, though. We wanted to go to the surplus grocery store near Red Bay, so with Mark and Dortha, we stopped there for some shopping first. We picked up some pretty cheap canned goods that haven't reached their "sell by" date quite yet.

After the grocery run, we kept going and ended up in Tupelo with the idea of seeing Elvis Presley's birthplace. We didn't actually buy tickets to go inside, I guess we are not all big fans of Elvis. For me, it was more of a sense of just wanting to know where it is, I enjoy the scenery wherever we go.

Jim and Mark at the Elvis Plaque:

The"shotgun" house where Elvis was born in 1937:

Dortha and I pose by a statue of Elvis at 13:

Mark checked out the 1939 Plymouth, representing the car Elvis' family had:

We stopped at a Shoney's for lunch, I ordered a salad which I sent back because it was a bit unappetizing. Dortha and Jim both shared their sandwiches with me, so I sure did not go hungry!

Shopping was next on the list. We found a Dick's Sporting Goods, where I found a new pair of walking shoes. A Best Buy stop was next. Since I'm going to be kayaking next week, I decided a small digital camera might be better for me to take instead of the big Canon Rebel. I found a little one that wasn't too expensive, I will get that all figured out before next week.

While we were shopping, I got a call from Glenn, letting us know they needed to head back to their son's house due to a family matter. Sorry we didn't get to spend more time with them, but we'll get together again, I'm sure. Safe Travels, Glenn and Sylvia!

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Joe and Sherri said...

Looks like there is a lot to see where you are. This might be a spot Sherri and I will have to add to our list of fun things to do. I did not care for Elvis...I was more a Buddy Holly man and later Iron Butterfly Pink Floyd and a littel of Black Sabbath...I wonder where there house is??? Oh well I am sure it will come to me

Somewhere in Time

Joe and Sherri