Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Making Progress

It wasn't necessarily bright, but it was early, when we parked outside Bay #2's door, a little before 7 a.m. this morning.

The door opened and we zoomed in! Ok, so it wasn't a zoom, it was a slow creep, but we did get in and greeted our crew. After ensuring they had a good weekend, we started going over the items on the list for the day.

The window they replaced Friday behind the couch where I sit was still very tight and hard to open, so that needed more attention. The other high priority for the morning was replacing 4 floor tiles.

They had ground out the grout on Friday, today was breaking out the tiles to be replaced, cleaning the area and laying a new tile. This one is in front of the shower:

And the other three are in the main room:

Once the tiles were in, they could move on to other items on the list. Of course, no one, including the dogs, can walk on those 4 tiles until tomorrow. We feel like the tv detective, Monk, walking around here avoiding those tiles!

One of my major items was the uneven cupboard doors on the passenger side slide. As they looked at the situation, Terry discovered there was a crack in one of the doors under the sink. Off he went to find another door. He found one and got it set up and installed. I should mention that before they started this part of the job, they put the jacks down, so that they would be working on the rig as it is when it's set up in a campground. They wanted to duplicate the conditions we are typically in, instead of just "shopping" the job. The cupboard doors are now perfectly even!

There were a few other small items that got completed today. We still have the electronics situation to address, as well as a few touch up spots on the paint. An alignment is also on the agenda, and they will get that scheduled in the little town of Muscle Shoals, about 45 miles from here.

We are making progress!


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Great, things are happening. Maybe you can get it all done soon, and be "Just Travelin".
Where to next ?
Happy Trails, Penny,TX

Joe and Sherri said...

Good for you and things are looking up. I know you will be glad to get back on the road again.

Joe and Sherri

Carie and Gary said...

Glad you are making progress! Really good to meet you Jim, Bo and Jasmine.