Saturday, September 13, 2008

We DO Barbeque!

This weekend was the 2008 Riverfest Barbeque Cook-off in Decatur, Alabama. This is an official Alabama State cookoff, so we figured we shouldn't miss it. We asked Dortha and Mark if they'd like to join us, and of course they said sure, so off we went this morning.

But first, we had to make a stop at "The Tradition of Charm", a local gift shop in Red Bay that advertised items for your motorhome. Well, we didn't find anything we couldn't live without, but it was fun looking.

We arrived at the Riverfest and got started looking around at all the different barbeque teams set up all over the place. Mark has found a good one!

Jim investigated the vendors who were providing barbeque for sale. Even though there were many cooking teams, there were only 3 vendors who were actually selling meals.
Some of the team members were in a hurry to get their entries to the check in table in time.

The folks at the check in table accepted the entry, put a different number on it and put it in a flat that was picked up by a runner to take to the judges, who were all sequestered in a tent where they did their tasting and judging.
Yummmm, it smelled so good! We got samples from a couple of the teams, wow, there were some tasty items!
Many of the teams had clever names:
Dortha and Ellie after enjoying a great barbeque lunch. I had chicken, everyone else had pork. We chose the Texas Rib Rangers from Denton, Texas for our meal.
One of the judging categories was dessert, oh, this strawberry cake should have won, it looked so delicious!
The event was held along the Tennessee River, and included a "Ducky Derby". Here are the guys getting ready to start the duck race:

They're off!
"Gee, do you think we should come back Tuesday to see if they finish?" These ducks were not in any hurry!

One of the exciting moments of the day came when we stopped in at the Hospitality Tent to sit in the shade for awhile. As I took the camera strap off my shoulder, I caught my earring and it flew off. I saw it go, but when we started looking, we could not find it in the grass. Imagine 4 adults crawling around in the grass under a table. We soon had 3 or 4 other folks join us, searching the grass for my missing earring. I finally gave up, as did most of the others. But not Mark. He and Jim took a break and went for a walk, but when they came back, Mark had to look one more time - and of course, he found it! Thanks again, Mark! I'm glad you're that persistent!
We stayed for a while longer, but thinking of the drive home and the decision to stop at Walmart on the way back convinced us to head back. We missed Glenn and Sylvia by less than an hour, but we'll get to meet them Monday before we leave.
It's really been a great day, we enjoyed getting out for some fun away from service bays!

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