Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday in Red Bay

The wind woke us this morning, but it was late enough to be up and around, so we got up and had our coffee. I walked the dogs while keeping an eye on the clouds swirling around. A neighbor stopped by to let us know that the next county to our west was under a tornado watch. He wanted to let us know the office told him that if our county experienced a warning, the customer lounge would be opened (pets allowed) for us to go to.

The warning never materialized and we only got some wind and a few rain showers. We never really had any sunshine today, but that's ok, we got off easy compared to a lot of places dealing with way too much right now.

I worked on my second time cutting my own hair this morning. I'm definitely not fast, but I think it looks at least presentable. Since I've been spending anywhere from $20 to $40 about every 5 weeks for haircuts, I figure I can save around $240 (or more) a year, hey that's about half a tank of diesel. Every little bit helps...

We had planned to do a burger cook-out today with Dortha and Mark. With the weather acting "iffy", we proposed that they come up here and we grill the burgers on the George Foreman. I baked a chocolate cake and got the burgers and fixin's ready. Dortha brought beans, chips and some Queso Dip and we had a great afternoon visiting and eating and watching football.

We got serious about watching football about the last 2 minutes of the Brocnos/Chargers game. Those Broncos! They got a lucky break, they always give me heart failure the way they play. Dortha and Mark had some things they needed to get done, so they left soon after the game was over. We sure enjoyed their company and wish to thank Joe (Speedy) and Sherri for getting them to come into the RV-Dreams chat room so we could meet them!

It's been another great day!


Joe and Sherri said...

Yes, every once in a while someone points out something I have done correctly in my life?? Not many mind you but some. Mark and Dortha are a pleasure to be with. We have had many fun times together and I hope that in the future we will have many more. We long for the day that we will be on the road with all of you...spending quality time together.

Joe and Sherri

Jim and Dee said...

I can't wait to be able to meet up for get togethers. What a life!