Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Work Continues

Two more days have gone by, and we're still residents of Camp Red Bay. The real name of this facility is Allegro Campground, but everyone calls it CRB. The weather shows no signs of cooling off, in fact, it's just downright hot and humid. There are still quite a few people dry camping down on the runway which serves as an overflow area as well as the location to have after-hours work done.

Yesterday we got up much earlier than I like to and got ready to go to Sheffield, Alabama for our alignment. We discovered that with all of the shuffling around over the past 2 weeks, we broke the end off the Pressure Pro power cable, so we didn't have our tire pressure monitored for the 45 mile trip. We didn't take the car, so we stayed in the customer lounge of the facility that did the alignment. Everything went well with that process and we were back in our spot shortly after noon.

We got a new power cable ordered from Pat McFall of Pressure Pro, and sent her a check. They are great people, thanks so much, Pat!

Last evening we set up the chairs around the outside tv and had the neighbors over for cold drinks. Dortha and Mark joined us and we had a fine time visiting until just after dark.

Today, our neighbors, Sharon and Bob, left their rig here to be finished because they had to order what they need to finish it, and Sharon wanted to get on to the Dallas area, where they are on watch with their pregnant daughter. Here are Sharon and Bob:

We weren't scheduled for any work today, but we needed to talk to Brad in the paint area, since we discovered a couple of spots he didn't get completely buffed out when he did the paint work on our coach. He said to bring the rig over to his bay before Friday and he'll take care of things.

I worked on some cleaning while Jim took the laundry to a local laundromat. When that was done, we took a drive over to Muscle Shoals to replenish the beer supply (we're in a dry county here) and visit the Walmart. We stopped at a local Mexican restaurant for lunch while we were there.

A few days ago we ordered a pair of "end tables" from a guy who used to work for Tiffin, but now is an independent worker. He made these custom tables to fit on the end of the driver and passenger side slides.

He had them finished, so we went down to the runway this afternoon and got them installed:

They each have a shelf inside, which provides enough room to store a few cd's. The top is just the right size for guests to set a drink on.

Tomorrow we will be over at the electronics bay bright and early (again) and will hopefully get finished with all of our jobs. It's possible that we'll actually be somewhere else soon!


Sandra said...

Love the end tables!

Jim and Dee said...

That's a great idea! They are really nice, and just the right size.