Friday, September 12, 2008

What - A "Do-Nothing" Day!?

Well, not completely, I did set up the Wii Fit and got some more experience with hula-hoops, skiing , strength training, and bowling, you know, important stuff.

Otherwise, I've prepared 2 reasonably healthy meals, read blogs and journals, and watched the progress of Ike, while saying prayers for our friends and relatives in its path.

We slept in until the roar in engines told us the parade to the service bays had begun. When I was out walking the dogs, I came across Dortha and Mark, they got finished at the paint facility which is about 5 miles from here in Belmont, Mississippi, and had their coach back over to the service bay just after 7:00.

Jim fixed up a little stop in the bottom of the cabinet that got the new vent installed, so things don't slip into the vent area and cut off the circulation.

This is looking up at the bottom of the cabinet, with the new vent:

Here's the front of the cabinet, with the vent at the top (this was original with the motor home):

The little piece of trim on the bottom shelf will keep things from falling into the vent:

I received a message from Glenn and Sylvia of Avery's Wanderings yesterday, letting me know they would be in Red Bay on Monday. They are part of the RV-Dreams family, having sold their house and gone fulltime this year. Soon after they got on the road, Glenn had a heart attack, but that didn't slow him down much, and once he completed his rehabilitation, they were once more traveling. We'll try to get together with them in the next couple of days.

Tomorrow, we're going to Deactur, Alabama to witness and experience the Official Alabama State BBQ Cook-off. Decatur is about 60 miles or so east of Red Bay. We're taking Mark and Dortha, so it should be another fun day.

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Maureen said...

Don't you just love the Wii fit? Ed was able to get it connected here in the motorhome and have it along on our trip. I have to say I have had little time to do it as we are cramming everything we can here in Mt.Rushmore. We leave Sunday and if we were not committed to a rally in Oregon in a week, we would stay on. Hope you get back on the road soon, hello to Jim..