Thursday, September 11, 2008

Work Completed - Maybe

We might be finished - we think. At least officially, as far as the service bays, everything that was on our list has been completed. Even one item that showed up this morning - the coach's electrical cord - got done today. When Jim went to unhook the power cord this morning, he discovered that the plug was separating from the cord. They replaced the entire cord for us.

We weren't in a bay today, we got parked outside while Robbie, the electronics genius, pulled a new tv cable and got our system tuned up. It was a long, hot day outside in the sun. We got released around 2 this afternoon and headed back to site #13 to get set back up. Ah, air conditioning!

There are still a few reasons why we aren't already out of here, or planning to leave tomorrow. First, we're having a vent made for the bottom of our electronic component cabinet, where the satellite receiver and DVD player are. Tiffin built in one vent on the front of the cabinet, in the door, but the bottom is closed in. In the 2009 models, there are 2 vents - one in the door and one on the bottom of the cabinet. The same guy that built our little end tables is designing and making the bottom vent for us. He may have it finished and installed later this evening. Second, we're still waiting for the power cable for the Pressure Pro to arrive in the mail.

Third, and probably most important, we are waiting the storm out, so we are going to stay here until Monday. By then, we should know for sure that all our items have been resolved, the vent will be installed, and we should have the Pressure Pro cable. And, we'll know what the impact of Hurricane Ike is.

Where are we going? No final decision has been made on that. I have a function coming up in Columbus, MS which starts the 24th. We could go on down there and just relax for awhile. Or, we could go to Tunica and enjoy the sights, casinos and Paula Deen's buffet at Harrah's. We could even take a totally different direction. I think we'll wait and see what happens with Hurricane Ike over the weekend and make a last minute decision.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the people on the Gulf Coast and Texas areas who are in the potential path of Ike. We have several friends who live in the area, and know many people who have relatives and friends in the area too. Be safe, take care!

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luvglass said...

I think I read of an obscure Alabama law that if your in the state more than 2 weeks, you have to pay income taxes. Be careful.