Monday, September 8, 2008

Life at Camp Red Bay

Yes, we're still here...we arrived at Camp Red Bay 2 weeks ago yesterday. We've had a good visit, got some things done, still have a couple of things left to tackle. We're hoping to be back on the road later this week.

Saturday morning, I worked on some cleaning jobs while Jim went to make sure he could find the shop that will be doing our alignment on Tues. morning. He also wanted to try again to find a Nintendo Wii Sports and Wii Fit. Groceries were also on his list. He called to let me know that he found the Wii! I was so excited, I've been wanting this for months! Some of my friends who have them say they are very motivating to keep exercising, and it's something that will fit easily into the rv lifestyle.

Getting it working and figuring out where it will be stored, well, that's another story. I hooked everything up to the front tv but couldn't get it to work. The A/V jacks are located on the back of the tv where we can't get to them (real smart design), so we have a little box that connects to the antenna and has the yellow, red and white jacks for the Wii cables. I thought there must be some trick, but since we had other things going on, I decided to wait and try it in the bedroom later.

We had asked Sharon and Bob from across the street to join us for a barbeque Saturday night. I made a broccoli salad, Jim grilled pork chops and pineapple, and Sharon & Bob brought a cream corn casserole along with chips and salsa. We had a great meal and enjoyed visiting into the evening.

Sunday we actually slept in until 7:30! We got up and around and just enjoyed the slow paced morning. I put a roast in the crockpot, in anticipation of Dortha and Mark's arrival. Then I tried hooking up the Wii to the bedroom tv. On that tv,the A/V jacks are on the side, so they are accessible. I got the Wii Sports working and spent about 2 hours bowling, playing tennis and boxing. That was a good workout! I didn't try to start with the Wii Fit, because I knew there wouldn't be room for the balance board.

Dortha and Mark arrived mid-afternoon and we visited until dinner time. I made a salad to go with the roast and veggies, and we had strawberry shortcake for dessert. They didn't know they'd been invited for dinner since they haven't had internet access for a few days, so didn't get my e-mailed invitation. I didn't have their phone number to call them. Surprise! After dinner, they needed to go finish up their paperwork and get it turned in before 8:00. We wandered down a little later to get the tour of their new home. It's really beautiful!

We have today off, since we couldn't get in for our electronics fix. This morning I moved the Wii back to the front tv, hoping we could figure it out. We did get it working - sort of. Everything works ok, but the picture is snowy. We have a plan, if the electronics guys here can't fix it.

I got the Wii Fit set up and did a workout with it this morning. That is going to be much more challenging than the Wii Sports. It involves a balance board that not only tracks movement but gives feedback. I found my center of balance is not great, so that's what I'll concentrate on to begin with. The system guides you through a body test to give you your BMI and then guides you to set goals. There are over 40 different exercise choices to start with, and you can add more as you go.

We will be up and out of here to get the alignment done early tomorrow morning. Hopefully on Wednesday we'll get everything else done and be ready to go on Thursday. We'll see...


Sandra said...

I'm anxious to hear how you will like the Wii Fit and how it works. I haven't looked at it at all so I'm clueless about it (and many other things)!

Any idea where you're going from Camp Red Bay?

Jim and Dee said...

Ohhh, You'll feel it later! That's going to be such a great exercise for you. Good luck and have a great time!

Joe and Sherri said...

If you have to do a lot of moving around it could be dangerous for me. I could end up falling out the side of the 5th wheel!

Joe and Sherri

Joe and Sherri said...

When you get time email about this product. Sherri and I could use an execise program that does not require equipment in the RV. This sounds real interesting.

Joe and Sherri