Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Day in Red Bay - Again

I think this really has been our last day here. Unless something happens tonight or tomorrow morning, we plan to head out towards Columbus, MS by around 11 in the morning.

We had picked a COE park southeast of Columbus, but after looking and thinking and discussing some more, now I believe we'll be going to a different COE park that is closer to Columbus. Jim will be on his own from Wed. until Sunday evening while I go "camping" with the girls. He will be closer to town at this park, so he can go to the store more often, or eat out if he chooses.

Today I played with the new camera a little bit. It's a lot different from the one I'm used to using. Practice is definitely needed. I'm used to the quick focus and steady action of the Canon and this little camera is a bit slower to react.

I did manage to get a couple of scene shots of the greenery in the surrounding neighborhood.

Dortha came by and we found a couple of places to go after they get done here in Red Bay and I finish my camping trip. We'll meet them in Chattanooga, TN for a week and then travel to Pigeon Forge for a few days. We couldn't get reservations for the full time we wanted to be in Pigeon Forge, so we'll just figure that out later.

Later this afternoon, we joined Dortha and Mark with their neighbors, Carolyn and John for a cookout. We had brats and burgers with all the fixin's. Jim made a peach cobbler dump cake which was very tasty. We had a fun time visiting and getting to know Carolyn and John. Too bad we didn't meet them sooner, as I'm sure we'd have more fun times.
Mark and Dortha relax and visit:

Dortha and Jim relaxing:

Enough relaxing. Let's eat - Mark, Dortha, Carolyn and Jim fix their plates.

There was some football thrown in for good measure today, and I managed to get over 35 minutes of WiiFit exercises in. If I don't turn the thing on every day, I get fussed at by my "trainer" so I'm trying to stick with it.
Another great day here in Camp Red Bay!


Joe and Sherri said...

Geeeee here I set all alone with no one to talk to and ya'll are having all this fun and eating all that good food! WAAAA WAAAA...Don't you feel sorry for me??

OK I know Jim I'm going...

Joe and Sherri

Randy and Terry said...

When you go to Chattanooga, you have to go to Rock City, if you've never been. It's great!