Monday, September 29, 2008

Out of the Wild Mississippi Woods

We've returned to civilization, although I'm not sure it's really such a good place to be these days. We were able to find diesel today, after passing several stations obviously out of gas. People tell us to be sure to get gas where we can, whenever we see a staion that has gas. Hopefully this particular issue will resolve within a week or so.

Today's travel was 281 miles, from Town Creek Campground just outside of Columbus, Mississippi to the Best Holiday Trav-L-Park of Chattanooga. Our gas mileage was 8.9 mpg. We arrived around 2 p.m. (3 Eastern Time). Dortha and Mark were not far behind, they came from Red Bay and are parked next to us. We had a nice Mexican dinner at a little neighborhood restraunt called Amigos and came back to clean off the bugs from the front of our rigs.
Dortha & Mark's Phaeton on the left, ours on the right:

To catch up a little from the past few days while we've been out of touch, last Wednesday morning, Jim dropped me off at my friend's house on the opposite end of Columbus from where we were camped. Shirley and I spent the day grocery shopping and preparing for the weekend. Just in time for supper, the rest of the group arrived at Shirley's "camp house" on a bluff overlooking Tibbee Creek. This is a group of women who post on the Weight Watchers online community, and we've become good friends over the years. We meet once (or sometimes twice) a year at Shirley's place to rejuvinate (or restart) our Weight Watchers program. We spend our time kayaking on the creek, going on really long walks, cooking healthy meals and talking. We throw in some fun too, like watching movies at night out on the deck. This year we added a Wii and played Guitar Hero, bowling, tennis, baseball and general fitness activities. Oh, and we went geocaching one afternoon, and found 2 of 2 caches. It was a great time, wonderful to see my friends again and get my motivation going for getting back on the Weight Watchers program.
While I was gone, Jim took care of the Castle and the dogs. He bought us 2 new ladders, a 3-step stool for me and an 8' ladder for him. He donated the old ones to the rangers at the campground. They seemed happy to get those.
These were taken at our site at Town Creek Campground:

I reached Rock Star level on one song!

Sunset on Tibbee Creek.
We will be here a week, I have a feeling it won't be long enough, but it will have to do for this time!


Bob and Molly said...

Ellie, you make a terrific Rock Star!!! Who knew??? :)
Glad you had a fun "Camp-out"!
Molly & Bob

Joe and Sherri said...

And you look like a rock star too. I am glad you had a good time with your friends. We missed your journal. Sherri and I will be headed to Galveston probably the first of November if all goes well there. We have a list of things that we need to get done down there so we will be packing many tools for this trip. Stay tuned for the blow by blow account of the "Fix Up In Galveston"

Joe and Sherri

Karon said...

A rock star!!!!! Yes!!!!

The two Phaeton's...what a picture.

I missed your post but I'm so glad you had a great time.

Love you, Karon

Jenny Johnson said...

And you gained your Rock Star experience from "I heard it through the chatline" at RV Dreams are a great Rockstar.
Looking forward to seeing you in Tennessee