Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oops! Never Mind...

Yesterday turned out NOT to be our last day in Red Bay, after all!

Last evening, after I hit the "Publish Post" button, Dortha, Mark, Sylvia, and Glenn joined us for an evening of football on tv, great conversation and snacks. Sometime in the conversation, we got around to talking about where we're going next. Plans got thrown out and we decided that we're going to stay here the rest of this week.

It isn't the most scenic campground we've ever stayed in, but the price is right. Now that we've been stamped out of the service area, we have to pay to stay here, but it's just $10 a night. We can take day trips to the things we haven't seen yet and actually afford the gas to get there.

I usually don't clean much the day before we travel, saving that chore for after we get parked. It's easier to clean as I do my inside set up. Besides which, traveling tends to get the rig pretty dusty anyway. But, since today turned out not to be a travel day, I did some cleaning chores. There's a strip of carpet in the driver-side slide out, and that needed attention. I moved everything off the carpet (except the computer desk which is bolted to the floor) and used my trusty Resolve spray carpet cleaner. It works pretty good for the type of cleaner it is. I also straightened things up and vacuumed.

Along with my usual dog walks, I've stayed pretty busy today. Glenn & Sylvia got into a service bay (they actually had an appointment), and got assigned a full hook-up site. When they got here yesterday, the office was having everyone go park on the runway until they knew what sites would be available. Dortha and Mark had their front end alignment scheduled this afternoon, so they are out and about.

Last evening I was talking to son Josh. I asked if he'd been up to the cabin recently. This cabin was purchased by my grandmother in the 1940's, and it's been in my family ever since. It's located off Highway 24 between Colorado Springs and Woodland Park. There is no electricity or running water, it's really very rustic. Anyway, he said yes, he has been there, and for the first time in his life, he saw a bear up there!

The weather has been just about perfect today, and it's been a great day!


Joe and Sherri said...

Now that would be a special trip...staying in a cabin in the mountains with no Electric water nodda and having bears near by. I guess you could experiance what the frontier people were up against. Neat!!!

Joe and Sherri

Karon said...

Hey, I was driving in San Antonio today, not once, but six times. The mountain cabin sounds like heaven to me, bears included. I bet Josh enjoyed it there.
Keep the fun stuff going!
Love you, Karon