Sunday, October 26, 2008

Drying Out and Carrying On

We survived the drenching rains. I heard that the Charleston area got a record 7 inches of rain on Friday. As I walked around the rv park yesterday morning, I noticed that the water got quite high in some places in and around the rv park:

This boat might have come in real handy if the rain had continued a little longer!

Yesterday was cloudy and overcast all day, but at least there was no more rain. Dortha and I attended a Weight Watchers meeting in the morning, while the guys found a place to eat breakfast. Later on in the day, we all went to Camping World. Mark found a ladder and we found a new pair of lawn chairs that are not recliners.

We've been keeping in touch with another RV-Dreams friend, Charles (Roz). He and his wife, Ethel, have been workamping in Maine for several months and are on their way home to Jacksonville, Florida. They wanted to catch up with us, so yesterday, Charles contacted Dortha to see where we are now and when we'd be in Savannah. When he found out we are still in Charleston, he and Ethel decided to travel a few extra miles so they could stay here and get together.

We were delighted to meet them. They arrived around 6 pm and we all went out to dinner together at the Folly Beach Crab Shack. After dinner, we gathered to visit at Dortha and Mark's rig.

This is Charles, visiting with Jasmine. (for Ginger - she's got on her new "bling" collar). Finally, we called it a night and retired to our respective homes. This morning, Charles and Ethel said their "see ya later's", and headed out around 10 am. It was a great treat to meet them, and we hope we get to spend more time with them down the road.

In my last blog, I mentioned seeing some white birds around here that I believe to be White Ibis. I did get some pictures of them today:

I was looking for them yesterday, when I saw this much larger bird with a totally different bill. I think this is a Wood Stork:

Today has been a laid-back, catching up day. Jim got his laundry job back and I made a batch of Weight Watcher friendly chocolate muffins. Dortha is preparing dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is moving day again, and I think we're ready for our next adventures in Savannah!


Sandra said...

You're right on both counts on the birds, Ellie.

Glad you got to meet Charles & Ethel!

Jim and Dee said...

Isn't Charles a hoot? We can't wait to meet up again. The stork is something I've never seen in person, what a great picture! Have safe travels tomorrow.