Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last Day in North Carolina

The week has flown by, it's been an incredible journey. The Biltmore Estate, Blue Ridge Parkway, and all the colors of fall. We've had the special treat of watching a Canadian goose fly-out from our little rv park pond, and we have enjoyed some awesome shared meals. But what's made this time extra-special has been sharing it with Dortha and Mark. We're blessed to get to know them and we are having a great time traveling together.

Today was busy with laundry, grocery shopping and grooming one more dog. Today I got Jasmine trimmed and looking much nicer. As I was working with her on the grooming table outside, one of our camping neighbors came by with a small pomeranian. He asked when he should bring his dog over and I laughed and told him he'd get a schnauzer-cut dog back!

After the chores got done, Dortha suggested we go see one more sight not far from here. She'd read about a place called Jump Off Rock. It took us awhile to find it, but it was worth the search. We enjoyed the awesome views!

The legend of Jump Off Rock is about an Indian Maiden who waited for her Chieftan to return to this special spot where they'd often met. He was killed in battle, and she was so overcome with grief that she jumped off the rock. It's said her spirit sometimes lingers here.

Beautiful mountains!

Scooby Doo is that you?

Enjoying the view:

A splash of color:

Tomorrow we're traveling to Charleston, South Carolina. We're still traveling with Dortha and Mark, stay tuned for more adventure!


Joe and Sherri said...

Sherri and I spent many days in Charleston. We love it there and plan on returning someday. You just have to spend some time down on the bay area and see the old houses there. Our trip to Ft Sumter was another story we will have to tell you about some day. Have fun and take plenty of pictures.

Barb said...

Ellie - in 2005 we visited "Maiden Rock" on Lake Pepin (on the MN and WIS borders). It has a similar "jumping" story. The below is taken from Wikipedia:

Princess Winona is the central Native American character in a "Lover's Leap" romantic legend set in Maiden Rock on the Wisconsin side of Lake Pepin in the USA. Princess Winona leaps to her death from Maiden Rock rather than marry a suitor she does not love.

There are several variations of the story. Her father is sometimes said to be Chief Red Wing of what is now Red Wing Minnesota or Chief Wabasha (Wapasha) of a village identified as Keoxa, now known as Winona, Minnesota. Rather than marry a suitor she does not love, she chooses to leap from the cliff of Maiden Rock to her death. Who the suitor is depends on the version of the tale. In the traditional Dakota language, "Winona" is not a personal name but a general term for a first-born child of any class distinction who happens to be female. Today "Winona" is common as a personal and place name throughout the United States.

The concept of the central figure as a "princess" is in keeping with a stereotype about Native American "princesses." In fact, the Sioux do not have an equivalent title for "princess" in any the major dialects.

Winona, Minnesota is associated with the legend because it was formerly the site of Keoxa. Since Minnesota was settled by whites the character of "Princess Winona" has been featured in Watkins Incorporated advertising, a prominent statue (currently located by Huff St. between 5th and 6th Streets after being located in other city parks), stained glass depiction, and elsewhere.

While the Upper Mississippi version of the legend is the most prominent, there are sites with variations on this legend. Mark Twain in Life on the Mississippi writes: "There are fifty Lover's Leaps along the Mississippi from whose summit disappointed Indian girls have jumped." Other locations with the legend also include Winona Falls in Pennsylvania, Camden County, Missouri and Cameron Park in Waco, Texas.