Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Savannah Afternoon

This morning, Dortha and I went to a Weight Watcher's meeting, even though we just attended one Saturday morning. There aren't many meetings close by, so we decided to go the one closest to us, and today was the best choice of times.

After we got back to the rv park, we decided to eat lunch early before going in to Savannah for the afternoon. The first order of business when we got into downtown Savannah was to see if we could get a dinner seating at "The Lady and Sons" for this evening. Mark dropped Dortha and me off to check while he and Jim drove around the block. There was no one in line at the hostess desk, and we were able to get a 5:00 seating.

We found a spot in a parking garage and headed over to River Street to look around and do some shopping. River Street is on a lower level street than the rest of downtown. The streets are cobblestone, and you can drive down them, but parking is very hard to find, so we chose to walk.

I took this picture from the top of the steep stairs leading down to River St. Dortha, Jim and Mark are down at the bottom of the staircase.

Ok, I made it down those stairs - this is looking back up them!

A view down River Street:

The busy Savannah River:

The famous Waving Girl. This sculpture of Florence Martus (1869-1943) commemorates the woman who lived with her brother in a lighthouse and waved to ships coming in and going out of Savannah for 44 years.
After walking from one end of River St. to the other, we decided to drop off our purchases at the car before heaing back to Paula Deen's "The Lady and Sons" restaurant for our dinner. We really needed all the steps we could get to help offset the meal! To give you an idea of the dietary damage eating here can do, there is a T-shirt in her shop next to the restaurant that says: "I'm your cook, honey, not your doctor!"
We were instructed to wait across the street from the restaurant until our names were called. A few minutes before 5 pm, this server came out with the dinner bell and put on quite a show to open the restaurant for dinner.
We waited patiently for our names to come up, then we headed inside.

We were assigned a table on the third floor.

All four of us chose the Dinner Buffet. I picked tiny samples of most of the vegetable offerings, plus a few bites of meatloaf and beef stew. The biscuit and hoecake got to me though, they were really great! Dessert was included, and my choice was banana pudding, although I would have liked the chocolate chip gooey butter cake. I'm still pretty sure all of my "extra" points are used up for the week! My 11,000 steps today did help offset some of those calories, and it was definitely a special experience.
We headed back home after dinner to settle in and stay warm. It's supposed to be down in the 30's tonight, brrr!


Joe and Sherri said...

Sounds like good eating to me. Sherri and I will have to get us a reservation...plus save our grocery money for some time so we can partake of the goodies.


Lee Ann said...

I am so jealous! I have wanted to eat at Paula Deen's place forever, she is such a sweetheart, love to watch her tv show! I have a couple of her cookbooks, but the food never quite looks like hers when it's done! Tastes awful good though. Good thing you did those 11,000 steps, LOL
Travel safe, Lee Ann