Saturday, October 11, 2008

Travel Day to Hendersonville, North Carolina

We were up early and ready to roll by 8:30 this morning. We traveled 110 miles and got 7.5 mpg. Over the hills and through the woods messes with your gas mileage!

Mark knew a shortcut from Sevierville to I-40. My Microsoft Streets & Trips had us going the same way, so that was good. We thought it was a 4-lane highway, no problem. Uh-Oh, not a 4-lane after all. Actually, the road kept getting more and more narrow, with sharp curves and hills! Up, down and around we went. The road was so narrow in some places, we almost didn't fit in our lane at all.

I would have taken pictures, but I was too busy holding on and making sure things stayed put in the Castle. Finally, we did get to I-40 and life became a little calmer.

A new state for us:

Traveling on I-40 also provided twisty-turny excitment. If you look closely at the bottom center, you'll see Dortha and Mark's Phaeton:

From I-40 at Asheville, we took I-26 south. Another one of those bumpy roads that rattled us for miles.

But it was all worth it, here are our sites at Lakewood RV Resort just south of Hendersonville, North Carolina:

Dortha & Mark's rig is behind the tree on the left:

Jim was glad we got here and all set up in time for him to watch the Texas/Oklahoma University football game. It didn't look good for the Longhorns until late in the third quarter, but they came back and won the game 45-35.

Jim grilled pork chops and Dortha fixed a pasta salad and green beans. After dinner, I drove us into Hendersonville to locate a local grocery and the TCBY for dessert. It's been a great day. We are looking forward to the week here.

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