Sunday, October 5, 2008

Last Day in Chattanooga, For Now

Today has been a stay-at-home and get caught up day. Laundry got done and I went through a couple of stacks of paperwork that had been steadily piling up. Dortha and I spent part of the afternoon researching rv parks in the Asheville, NC area. We'll be near Pigeon Forge tomorrow through Friday, but needed a place for the following week. We slowly got our possibilities whittled down and finally decided on a park near Hendersonville.

This evening we all enjoyed a wonderful meal of grilled chicken with a Jack Daniels barbeque sauce, along with a broccoli and tomato salad, and beans. Dessert was strawberry "shortcake" made with sugar-free angel food cake. We ate outside, the weather was just perfect.

Yesterday was the really busy day. We started off by finding the Chattanooga ChooChoo, located in the downtown area. We spent some time exploring the courtyard and beautiful gardens.

After that, we once again headed up Lookout Mountain, this time to visit Rock City. What an interesting place. It was originally a private garden, set out by Frieda Carter on the property she and her husband, Garnet, owned. They opened their beautiful garden to the public in 1932.

Here are two of the many beautiful spots in the garden:

For a great description of our day you should visit RVing With Poppa, Dortha and Mark's great blog.

We've enjoyed the Chattanooga area tremendously! The trees are just starting to turn, and the weather has been incredible. The mornings are crisp and cool, as are the evenings. We've been having great fun seeing the sights with Dortha and Mark, and we certainly look forward to the next couple of weeks before they need to head back to Fort Worth.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Thanks for taking ame along for the ride...Sherri and I have really enjoyed the scenery and the fun time. We can't wait for the next great adventure.

Joe and Sherri