Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jim's Happy Birthday

Yesterday was Jim's birthday, and we had a fun-filled day. Dortha and Mark invited us to go on a riverboat cruise on the Southern Belle. A lunch buffet was included, and it was a great treat. The cruise took us up and down the section of the Tennessee River that runs along the downtown area of Chattanooga.

The first order of business was figuring out how the pay parking system works here. You pay at a kiosk and put the receipt on your dash.

Since we were a little early for our cruise, we walked aound the downtown riverfront before boarding our boat. We watched this blue heron fishing for lunch off a dock.

This is looking down the side of the deck and out behind us at the Tennessee River:

There were some great photo opportunities:

This fountain and the Indian carvings in the wall next to it commemorate the Trail of Tears, and the 7 Cherokee tribes which were forced out of Northern Georgia beginning in 1838.

Visitors to the wheel house of the boat. Mark was engrossed in watching the captain steer the boat:

After the river cruise, we drove to the top of Lookout Mountain and visited Point Park, which is a Civil War Battlefield, where the "Battle Above the Clouds" was fought.

This is a view of the Tennessee River and downtown Chattanooga from Lookout Mountain.

Looking up at the New York Peace Memorial in Point Park:
At the top of the memorial are a Union and Confederate Soldier standing together:

In addition to the Civil War memorials and canons, there is incredible beauty on Lookout Mountain. I was impressed with this tree growing right out of the rock.
After our day's adventures, we came back home for a short break before heading back out with Mark and Dortha to attend her niece's college (Union College) volleyball game being played at Covenent College. It was fun getting to meet Dortha's brother and his family.
Thanks again for the fun day, Dortha and Mark!


FD5 said...

Happy Birthday Jim!! Fun times had by all.

Stay Safe
John and Bridget

Sandra said...

Happy belated birthday Jim!

Cruises are always fun and riverboats cruising would be a special treat.

Jim and Dee said...

Happy Birthday Jim! River boat cruising is neat, so glad you got to do it.

Pat and Mike said...


Hugs.........Pat and Mike

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday Jim. We're stuck in Fargo ND with a broken slide motor.
Fred & Jo