Monday, October 27, 2008

Travel Day to Savannah, Georgia

Today was a short travel day, about 90 miles on US Highway 17 South to I-95, and then to Hardeeville, SC, almost to the Georgia state line. We got 9 mpg today. Before we left the Charleston area, we topped off the fuel tank and paid $3.35 per gallon. That's the lowest price we've ever paid for diesel. When we bought the Castle in March, we were paying around $3.85.
Here is what our view looked like most of the way here - isn't that a nice looking motor home in front of us?

We did have a slight mishap near the end of the journey, when we had to make a very sharp right turn. The car went over a curb, and the Pressure Pro sensor was knocked off the valve stem of the right front tire of the Saturn. The hubcap was also bent up. The tire didn't go flat, and the sensor was still transmitting, so we didn't get an alarm. However, when we got parked, the tire went flat. A quick airing with the compressor and I think we'll be fine. We'll see in the morning if the tire is holding air.

We got to the Hardeeville RV Park just after noon. There aren't a lot of choices for rv parks in this area, so we were happy to find this one that isn't priced out of our budget, has full hook-ups, and is not too far from downtown Savannah.
After we got set up, Mark reported that their electric hot water heater didn't seem to be working - at least the red light on the switch wasn't on. After some in-depth trouble shooting, it appeared that the water heater is probably working but the switch needs to be replaced. So it seemed that a trip into town to Camping World for a switch; and the Saturn dealership for a hubcap was in order after lunch. Dortha put out the leftover meatloaf from last night's dinner and we had sandwiches. Then we headed out.
I didn't take any pictures while we were out, so we'll have to make up for that in the next few days as we explore Savannah.
Camping World didn't have the switch that Mark needs, but while we were on the way to the Saturn dealership, Tiffin called back, and they will probably be able to send him one. At the Saturn dealership, Jim got the hubcap ordered, and it will be in on Friday. After our business stops were taken care of, we did go take a look at Skidaway Island State Park, where we could have stayed. It's really beautiful, but we would not have had full hook-ups, and with all the trees, we probably wouldn't have gotten satellite tv.
We headed back towards the downtown area and stopped at a Mexican restaurant for a quick dinner before getting home for the evening. We got just a short glimpse of the historic district, I'm really looking forward to more exploring!


Joe and Sherri said...

Sounds like you are having fun. Sherri and I are headed to Galveston next week...but not for fun...we are working. Glad you were not washed away.


Ginger said...

While you are in Savannah, plan a trip to Tybee Island. It's about 20 miles east and has a lighthouse. It's a small seaside resort.

Thanks for the picture.