Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Visiting Hilton Head

It felt really good to stay snuggled up in bed this morning, the temperature outside was about 35 when we got up around 8. I bundled up the dogs and myself for our walk.

This afternoon, Mark and Dortha wanted to get flu shots at the CVS in Hilton Head, so we took the opportunity to do a little sightseeing while we were in the neighborhood. There is a lighthouse in Harbour Town in the Sea Pines area, so we headed there first.

Gee, I hope this guy is just getting ready for Halloween:

Now, I've heard that Hilton Head is pretty ritzy, but honestly, I've never been to a neighborhood that charges $5 for visitors to drive into! But that's what Sea Pines does, so make sure you take your wallet with you if you visit.

Here's a view of the lighthouse past all the yachts:

And a sail boat:
We walked around the area for awhile and then headed to the CVS. Once Mark and Dortha got their shots, we headed back to the rv park.
While we were in Savannah a couple of days ago, Mark and Dortha bought a GPS to help them navigate. They are still learning all the functionality of "Flo", as she got named today. On the way back to the rv park, we made a quick stop and Flo got all flustered and ended up taking us an entirely different route back. It worked out fine, though and we got back in plenty of time for Jim to barbeque some chicken breasts while I put together the rest of our dinner. Dortha made a wonderful pear cobbler for dessert. I think our dinner tonight was every bit as good as Paula Deen's was last night, and a whole lot healthier!
We're hoping the weather is a little warmer tomorrow, but today turned out to be pretty nice!


Leno said...

You are all just having too much fun. I am really enjoying your travels and the good eats.. Wish I were with you and Dortha, I need to get back to ww and need some support.

Joe and Sherri said...

I think it was cheaper too! I built two houses in Hilton Head lots of years ago. We had to have passes at that time to go and check on crews. You would not believe the building codes there! I really did not think it was worth the money but some poeple feel good in saying they live at Hilton Head.