Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two Quiet Days

Yesterday was cool and a little rainy, so we opted to stay in. Well, except for the trip Jim and I made to Petsmart to find new leashes and collars for Jasmine and BoJangles. It took me a long time to find just the right look for them. Since Jas is our princess, she got another pink collar with a splash of bling, pretty much like her old one. BoJangles ended up with a tan, sporty look. They both got bathed and are now wearing their new collars.

Today, Jim worked on practicing with his new buffer on the outside of our Castle. I got out the grooming table and went to work on Mr. Bo Jangles. By the time I got him looking pretty decent, the wind had come up and the temperature was falling. The cold front seems to have arrived here and it's really feeling cold. It's supposed to get down into the 30's tonight and tomorrow night. Brrr....

We spent most of the afternoon inside. Jim watched college football and I perused the internet and read my book. Late this afternoon, Jim decided he needed to go to Home Depot or Lowes to find a spray bottle, which he needs for his buffing. He went next door to see if Mark wanted to go with him. Mark was willing to go to Walmart, so the trip turned into the four of us heading over to Walmart to look for some warmer clothes for Dortha and Mark. We made a stop at Sam's Club while we were in the neighborhood.

We decided to eat out and found a pretty good restaurant, O'Charley's. Dortha and I resisted the foods we knew would blow our day's WW points and stayed on program. I had a cedar-planked tilapia and broccoli without butter. Yum!

I didn't take any pictures yesterday or today, so these are some more from our drive a couple of days ago:

It's been a quiet couple of days, very relaxing!

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Lee Ann said...

As usual, lovely pics! Is that Jim's work? I believe so...certainly enjoy following your blog each & every day. I'm thinking of purchasing a Wii and joining WW as I watch and learn Ellie! Thanks for the inspiration! Hugs, Lee Ann