Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Boys of Summer Wilted!

The last home game of Spring Training was today - Arizona Diamondbacks at Colorado Rockies. We had tickets to see our home boys. Once again, the 5 of us piled into the Saturn Vue this morning for our day's adventures.

We started with a breakfast at Coyote Pause, one of our favorite restaurants in this area, before we headed over Gates Pass Road to Hi Corbett Field in downtown Tucson for the game. The wild flowers going over the pass are really beautiful right now. I need to explain for my Colorado readers that when I say "pass", this is an Arizona version of a pass. It takes all of maybe 3 or 4 good turns and a rise in elevation of perhaps 900 feet to go through. The pass connects the area west of the Tucson mountains with the main part of the city.
Even though we got to the ball park in plenty of time, the parking lot was full. Bob dropped us off at the ticket office while he went to find a parking spot. We window shopped the Rockies Dugout store while we waited.
Jim took this picture of Berta, Ann and me as we waited.

The sky was clear and the temperature hovered around 80 all afternoon. Here are Jim, Bob, Ann and Berta enjoying the people watching before the game started.
This is the Rockies star pitcher, Jeff Francis, warming up.
The Rockies started out great and were ahead 6 - 2 by the bottom of the 5th inning. But then, the second and third string players came into the game for the Rockies, while the Diamondbacks kept their first string players in. The Rockies gave this one up by a score of 11 - 8. Oh well, it was a fun afternoon.

There was a record crowd for the last game, over 8,000 fans.

On the way back to Diamond J, we stopped at a local pizzeria for supper. It was very good food, although the portions were much bigger than we could handle. Leftovers again tomorrow!

We said our "see ya's" to JoAnn and Doug this morning, wishing them a safe journey. We'll see them once more when they come back to Tucson for a Montana Owners Rally before we head back to Colorado.

And another great day has passed.

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