Friday, March 7, 2008

Dentist and Taxes, What Fun?

Being fulltimers doesn't get us out of all the fun! Today, Jim had an appointment with the Nogales dentist we visited last month. The bad news is that he needs some pretty extensive work done. We're researching our options now and will make a decision next week whether we'll stay here and have the work done in Mexico or have his regular dentist in Colorado do it when we go back in April or May. We did find out that the dental insurance will cover the work in Mexico. We're trying to contact the IRS to find out if our portion of the cost can be reimbursed from our HSA (Health Savings Account) if he decides to have the work done in Mexico. When I called the IRS help line, I got to speak to a human fairly quickly. She transferred me to the appropiate department, where I got a polite recording that told me they had way too many calls right now and could I please call another day.

The other news today sort of balances out the first news. We will be getting a refund from Uncle Sam on our taxes, perhaps close to what we'll need for Jim's dental work. Now, tell me, how does that work. We didn't even get a chance to dream about how we might spend that little sum! Oh well, it's all good. Even though we may not come out ahead financially, we sure are glad we have the means and ability to take care of our needs without giving up any necessity.

We had a nice drive down to Nogales, didn't have to stand in line very long to come back across the border, and had another nice drive back to Tucson. We had a fine meal at home and have settled back into our little house on wheels for a peaceful, relaxed evening.

I did take a camera with us, but we didn't make any side trips or see anything interesting to photograph, so today's pictures are from a couple of days ago.

This pretty mourning dove was right outisde our window on the ground.

And here's a nice place to take a break from walking in the desert.

Another fine day in our life!

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Terie Dohrman said...

Hey Jim & Ellie! We are soon-to-be fulltimers, and I just found your blog a few days ago while doing some of my never ending research. I've gone back to the beginning and am reading through until I catch up to your current entries. You mention in this entry that your insurance will cover your deMexican dental care. Can you tell me what insurance that is? That's one of the things I'm so diligently researching! I hope you get this comment, being an older entry.

Thanks! --Terie Dohrman, Future fulltimer