Saturday, March 1, 2008

Same Song, New Verse

In some ways, today was a repeat of yesterday.

I got four loads of laundry washed dried, and with Jim's help, put away. I finished the cleaning, at least for this round. Jim fixed the steps, it seems we sheared a bolt or two on the road from Mexico, so he replaced two of the bolts that hold the plate that hold the steps to the bottom of the motor home.

We went visiting and met Joyce and her husband Jim, who are also fulltimers. They moved over to Diamond J today from Beaudry's RV Resort across town.

We got caught up with some of our tax matters and went for a short walk. We talked to friends and family by phone. We're still trying to catch up with the phone conversations we missed while in Mexico.

On a more somber note, through reading other blogs, we learned that a fairly well-known man in the RV community, Dave Baleria, passed away suddenly while he was on a walk with his wife. We did not have the pleasure of meeting him in our travels, but we'd heard of him from other people. We are saddened by this loss and send our heartfelt sympathy to his wife, Sandy and their families. We know one day it will be our turn to make the same crossing. We just feel so blessed to be able to live this dream while we can, savoring and enjoying each precious day. We want to encourage those of you thinking of taking the steps to become fulltimers to grab it while you can. We never know when our time will come, and living our dreams, loving every minute, becomes more important every day.

With that said, here are today's pictures. Jasmine was so happy to have clean, fresh bedding in her little crate that she just climbed in and relaxed.

Jim caught this picture of a Gambel's Quail in the wash right here in the park, we didn't even have to go out into the desert!

We've enjoyed another day in our wonderful life!

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