Friday, March 21, 2008

Moving in - Day Two

Can you say "Beat to a Pulp"? Oh, my goodness. I think we might have each slept a couple of hours last night, but I doubt if either one of us slept much more than that. We were both up and anxious to continue moving into the new coach very early this morning. Not to mention that we felt like we were staying at a race track -- we were right next to I-10, under the flight plan for the Tucson airport with a train thrown in for good measure. There were two other couples parked right by us who were also moving into their new coaches. One has a Phaeton almost exactly like ours, the other was moving into an Allegro Bus. I'm sure they all had a few choice words for us, out there banging compartment doors before 5 am! Oh well.

We had the bedroom and bathroom of the Bounder pretty much empty by the time our personal angels, JoAnn and Doug came to help. They brought energy and lunch. We created an assembly line with JoAnn in charge of packing the plastic tubs and whatever boxes might appear, while Doug either helped her pack, or helped Jim carry said tubs to me in the new coach. My job was to empty the tubs and return them for refilling. For awhile I was pretty overwhelmed with full tubs until I requested they all take a little break to let me get caught up.

I was certain that Doug was going around to the other coaches, gathering stuff from them to bring to me. Where else could all that stuff come from??? I thought we were in this lifestyle to simplify! I was shoving cans of food, boxes, packages, flour, sugar, whatever -- into the cupboard as fast as I could haul it out of the tubs. I can tell you it will take awhile to create some kind of organization here.
Finally at around 10:30, which felt like at least 2 or 3 in the afternoon, we were done except for the food in the refrigerator. Since I knew Sandra was heading our way, I suggested that we save that for her to help with. Sure enough, right at that moment she called and said she was at the front of the dealership. I went up and walked her back to our staging area. We were taking an early lunch break, so we had JoAnn's rendition of taco soup, fritos, and fruit. Oh, yes, and some magic cookie bars and pie just to help out with our energy needs.
After lunch, Sandra and I moved the contents of the refrigerator from the old to the new while JoAnn attempted a kitchen clean up in the mess. JoAnn and Doug headed back home while Sandra stayed to help find places to stuff things until we can work on organizing. Finally we had everything in and somewhat put away. All the little things that needed to be tweaked were accomplished and it was time to come home to Doc Justin's in the quiet desert.

We got set up, pushed the button on the automatic satellite dish and started our rest and healing process. Organizing can wait.

Tomorrow my sister, Ann, is coming from Colorado Springs with Bob, her husband, and Berta, our cousin. They'll be here for a week, parked next to us, and the plan is to rest and play.

Now, for the pictures...

Jim is exiting our coach, while the service member, Charlie, is starting our walk-through.

Back "home" at Doc Justin's, I'm standing in front of our coach.

A side view of the coach.

This is the front interior before moving in.

The cockpit has enough dials, buttons and knobs to keep us busy learning about them for some time to come.

A feature I didn't find on any other front entry-diesel -- a computer desk on the passenger side!

And, finally, Jim is speaking with his cousin after we've settled in. Notice the difference in the computer desk between this picture and the one above!

Yes, we're stiff and sore and tired, but we're home.

I have to close today with a huge THANK YOU! to JoAnn, Doug, and Sandra for their support and help with this move! You made it a fun time, and we appreciate you all more than we can say!


Karon said...

Ellie and Jim,

The new rig is absolutely beautiful. I'm so happy for you. I'm sure the puppies will adapt.:)

Love you both,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, it looks lovely.

See, I told you that you were the rich guys, and now you've gone and proved me right. :>)


Donna McNicol said...

Beautiful, beautiful...did I say BEAUTIFUL? LOL!! I just walked through one very similar to that, friends of mine that were at the RV LOW and had just bought theirs. They have already had some custom work sofa gone and a desk put in. Can't wait to see it!!

dreamjosie said...

Awesome coach, inside and out. It will look pretty impressive coming down the road. I am so happy for you guys. Enjoy your new home.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! Your new home is gorgeous!!!! More pictures please!! Carol

Peggy n David said...

Wow, you guys have a lovely, lovely new home - enjoy!

Paula and Tom said...

Good luck with that beautiful new coach. Enjoy! Enjoy! Tom