Monday, February 9, 2009

And the Days Go By...

Yes, they say time flies when you're having fun, so we must be having a blast. Actually, these last few days have really been what we pictured in our dreams of "going South" for the winter. The lowest temperature we've experienced over the past few days was probably Friday afternoon when I was geocaching. The nights have been in the 60's and the days have been mostly in the 70's.

Saturday, we needed to go into Corpus Christi to pick up the ring Jim bought me for my birthday. It needed to be resized. We also wanted to take Dortha and Mark to Applebees for a late lunch. While we were at the mall picking up the ring, we shopped in a few stores. But it was pretty crowded and we ended up not buying much of anything.

I really like to go to Applebees because they have Weight Watcher's meal choices with the points already calculated. We'd been given a gift card for Christmas and still hadn't used it, so that was a good chance to do so. I thought our meals were pretty good.

We then drove over to Padre Island and down to the National Seashore to look around.

The Gulf of Mexico from the deck of the visitor's center at the National Seashore:

From the end of the road:

We then came back across on the ferry:

It was close to sunset as we came into the rv park. This is one of the palm trees at the entrance to our park:

Yesteryday (Sunday) was a stay-at-home and get caught up with things day. We all went for our 2 mile walks in the morning, then I got a crazy idea and ironed a bunch of clothes. I also made a batch of chocolate muffins and a bowl of caramel apple salad.

Terry and Randy Guiler (Guiler Travels) arrived in Rockport yesterday, and we met them at - where else? - The Big Fisherman for dinner. The food was not as good as it usually is, but we really enjoyed the company! They came with Deb and Rod as they're all staying at Big D.

Today was almost rainy. It actually sprinkled a little this morning during our walk. I took my time doing my Wii workout this morning and tried some of the more challenging strength exercises. I also worked on doing the shoulder stand in the Yoga section, which I've only been able to do within the last few sessions. I still can't hold it very well, but at least I can get into the position now, that's quite an accomplishment for me.

By the time I finished my workout and regular cleaning, it was time for lunch. We had an appointment to take the dogs to get their distemper and parvo booster shots this afternoon. When we got back, Mark and Jim once again talked us into going out to dinner and we went to Alice Fay's. The food there tonight was actually better than The Big Fisherman was last night. One thing about Rockport - there is a limited choice of good restaurants! After dinner, we stopped by Walmart to check out their selection of capris. Dortha mentioned that she'd seen some new capris there earlier today, and we wanted to see about them. I found a pair that will work for me, but Dortha didn't see anything she couldn't live without. After a little shopping, we headed back home.

Yes, we've been having fun, and the time has flown by!


Speedy said...

Well I will tell you this. I don't miss shopping. I really don't like to shop unless it is something for the RV and then I get interested. Clothes...BLAHHH Not my forte I will wear what I have until they are thread bear....LOL


Donna162 said...

Hi, Ellie, just wanted to send you a quick note that while we were in Rockport, I went to lunch with the ladies at the park. Charlotte Plummers along the water on the same road as Alice Faye's. It was pretty good if you are looking for some place else to try while you are there.