Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday, So Soon?

It seems like it was just Tuesday, and here it is Friday evening already. Let's see if I can get caught up with myself a little bit.

Wednesday morning, Mark took the Jeep in to have the oil leak fixed. Jim followed him in our car, and they went to breakfast before coming back home. I dug around in my stored stuff while he was gone and found my old MP3 player. I wanted to see if it still worked after being neglected for about 2 years. I put it on the charger and turned it on, found that it seemed to be working ok, so I left it to charge. When Jim and Mark got back from breakfast, Jim took the laundry off to get it done. He got back from the laundry and soon Mark got the call to pick up the Jeep.

After Jim came back once again, we talked about getting him an MP3 player. We went to Walmart to see what they had. He found a Sony Walkman MP3 that he liked, so we got that one for him. He asked if I wanted to get a new one, but I told him I'd just as soon see how the old one held up before we spent any more money.

He spent most of the rest of the day messing around with it. Dortha came over to help him, since he was using iTunes to download his music to it, and I use Windows Media Player. By then, my player had charged, so I was trying to load some new music to it. Uh-Oh. It seems that planned obsolescence struck! The new version of Windows Media Player would not allow me to load new music onto the old player. I got a message that the old player is no longer compatible. When I checked around online to see if I could find new drivers, I found nothing. I asked if the offer was still open for a new player, so now I have the same model Jim does.

Fast forward to Thursday morning, when once again, Jim got up early. This time, though, it was to go on a fishing trip on the bay with Mark and Rod. They'd found a place that would take them out and furnish everything from poles to bait. They had a fun time, all except for the part where Mark's fishing pole somehow jumped out of his hands and landed in the bay. Unfortunately, they did not catch any keepers on their adventure:

Thursday, is of course, Weight Watchers day. Dortha and I headed out to our meeting. I lost just over 2 pounds this week, and Dortha lost some too. I'm very close to a 35 pound loss now. Not much more to go, and then it will be on to the wonderful challenge of maintaining the new weight. I feel so much better, with lots of energy and way fewer aches and pains. I've relearned good eating habits, and once again realize that I can eat what I want and need to be satisified without getting out of control.

After the guys got back and we got out of our meeting, we headed out to eat, as we usually do on Thursdays. This time we tried a Mexican food restaurant that we'd not visited before. It was pretty good. When we got back home, Jim immediately got to work loading up his MP3 with lots of music. But he ran into a snag when he tried to create a playlist - it just wouldn't do what he wanted it to. And that takes us to today....

To make a long story short, the end result of Jim not being able to create a playlist is that we started over with his player and now he's using Windows Media Player too, and all is well. I was able to get mine working just fine, knock on wood. But there is no other news for today, as it's all been MP3 stuff. Dortha and I did escape for a short time to get some groceries, but otherwise, we've been hard at work playing with our new toys.
I'm sure there are more adventures ahead though!

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The Haman's said...

Congratulations. :~) ... You are a little person after 35 pounds are gone there won't be anything left.

Jim good job on your weight loss also!!!
Looking so forward to seeing you both in Kerrville.