Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rockport Images

I had to get up early today to get my routine, fasting bloodwork done. The last time I had this done, the lab had problems interpreting my doc's orders, so this time I went to the lab a week or so ago and gave them my orders so they could be sure to have everything they needed when I walked in the door. Sure enough, they had to call my doc's office to get more information to do the test. I was also advised to make an appointment, since walk-ins just get worked in around people who have appointments. I'm very glad I did it this way, as I was in and out this morning before the cup of coffee I'd prepared and left in the car got cold. I was a happy camper!

When I got back home, it was time for a little breakfast and my 2 mile walk. Jim had already gone for his walk, but I was able to catch up to Mark and Dortha while they finished their last lap. Jim went to town then to fill up the car, check the oil and tires and get it washed. I stayed home and did my routine cleaning up and then read a few blogs.

This afternoon, Dortha, Mark, and Jim collaborated on a wonderful meal of grilled chicken, carrots, cabbage and cheesy potatoes. Dortha also made a delicious dessert of angel food cake and pudding with pineapple. Yum! We decided then to take a ride around town and see if we could find anything interesting to photograph.

A big truck caught a ride on a barge:

Great blue heron with an itchy spot on its neck:

A flock of gulls and black skimmers:

High water today, not many people out enjoying the park:

A black skimmer:

More of the flock of black skimmers and a few gulls:

An American oystercatcher - they have matching beaks and eyes!

A bicycle fence along Highway 188:

The entrance to our RV park:

And another day wraps up under the palms:

A windy, but warm and wonderful day!

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Speedy said...

Hey just got back from the doctors office and I am preparing lunch for myself. When I get through I am going for a walk down to the river to take some pictures. I will try to add them to my journal entry tonight. You guys have fun and stay safe.

Joe and Sherri