Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Visit to Port Aransas

To catch up a little of what's been going on the past few days, not a whole lot! The big news is that Dortha and Mark's friends, Karen and Donnie, arrived at The Last Resort on Sunday. They will be staying here for a week, and then we'll all be traveling to Kerrville. We've been enjoying getting to know these folks.

Our activities have centered around our morning walks, and the planning and cooking of meals. Just the usual, wonderful activities. We have also had several discussions about whether to go ahead and reserve a spot here for next winter. We have talked about going to Yuma, Arizona as well. I still have a really hard time making a firm decision about where I want to be in 3 months, much less a year from now. However, this is a really nice area, and we have loved being in this park. We can have a spot held for us, and then cancel if we change our minds. So, we have put our names on the list for January, February, and March of next year. We'll see!

Today we'd decided to go out to lunch and then do a little geocaching. Karen and Donnie had not yet been introduced to this fun activity. The plan was to go to The Big Fisherman for their Tuesday "all you can eat" special, but it was so busy with a long, long line that we changed that part of the plan and went to The Diner instead. It was pretty good, and we enjoyed it.

After lunch, we went to Port Aransas. Dortha and I had downloaded 4 geocaches located in the Roberts Point Park area, just across the Aransas Channel. The first cache took us quite a while to find, but Jim was the most persistent and had success. The next one was pretty easy, and Mark spotted it first, but didn't "claim" it, instead, he helped Donnie find it.

This is a view of the marina from the location of the first cache in Roberts Point Park:

While we were in the area, we were treated to the delightful view of these dolphins, surfing in front of a big freighter:

The third cache, unfortunately, totally eluded us. This one was marked as a "3 star" level of difficulty. Maybe it should be labeled a "5 star"!

This is the general location of the missing cache:

The last one was also very tricky. I kept walking around the general area with my GPS, which didn't want to settle on a specific location. After about 10 minutes, it finally settled. Dortha was the finder on this one.

A little shopping at the Islander rounded out the day's activities. Jim got one more T-shirt, but this time, I went after some jewelry.

We headed back home and got settled in to get some rest so we can be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.


A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

That's a great dolphin photo, Ellie!

Leno said...

Its amazing you got that shot of the dolphins. I can never catch them.. Cool

Speedy said...

So the plan for now is to be in Rockport next January through March?

Joe and Sherri

Tumbleweed Dee said...

The dolphins are so playful! I'm glad you found so many geocaches, that's great! What's your total?

Janna and Mike said...

Great dolphin photos! Glad you guys are still enjoying yourselves, have fun in Kerrville.

Debbie Goode said...

We are in Yuma this year and thinking of Texas for next winter....it is hard to decide.....