Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend in Rockport

Our days here seem to go by quickly. By the time we get up and around with our coffee, walks, exercise and planning the day, it seems the day is nearly half gone already. Saturday, Jim and Mark were on a mission. The plan for our Super Bowl gathering included a shrimp boil for 8, and we needed a bigger cooking pot than either of us had. So, off the guys went to search for just the right pot. They found just the one that would work perfectly.

While they were gone, I trimmed my hair and got both dogs bathed, then got that mess cleaned up.

Then it was time to fix our "Linner". The guys collaborated on grilling some pork chops, Dortha contributed a salad, and I heated up the leftover lentil soup. It works out really well to pool our food resources and eat together, and we have a great time doing it. After we ate, our persistent guys talked us into going to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Dortha and I both had enough points left to have small cones.

We had a little bit of rain in the afternoon, hardly enough to wet the sidewalk. I'd love to see more rain here, but not colder temperatures!

This morning we all got up and got busy getting things ready for the day's activities. Jim took the rugs and the towels to the laundromat while I cleaned our floors. We got our patios cleaned up, moved the picnic tables together by our motor home, where we'd decided to serve the food; and all the lawn chairs over to Dortha and Mark's where we would watch the game on their outside tv. We got the shrimp all thawed out and Jim started preparing to cook.

A discussion was going on about whether all of the food would fit in this big pot. We ended up splitting the cooking jobs; Jim cooked the potatoes, corn, sausage and onions, Dortha boiled the shrimp.

We managed to get all the food out on the tables, although the shrimp took a little longer than we planned, and everyone had their fill. Below, Rod and Deb are on the left, Dortha is taking a picture, and Sandra, Gordon and Jim are still enjoying the meal:

Deb brought a fruit salad and Sandra treated us to some very good dessert bars. Here is part of the feast:

After we ate, I asked Gordon if he would take a picture of Jim and me to replace our old picture on the sidebar. He graciously agreed, so we went across the road to a stand of trees, and he took a few pictures. Our new sidebar picture is courtesy of Gordon, taken with my camera.
Dortha, Sandra and Gordon:

One of the roads in the rv park:
We went back to the party area at Dortha and Mark's, and watched the beginning of the game. Gordon and Sandra left before it got dark so they could get back to Goose Island State Park, where they are staying, before the gates got locked.
The rest of us finished watching the game, then it was time to call it a night. What a fun day!


Leno said...

MMMM, all looks so good. Wish I was there.

Speedy said...

And what a game it was...I think A&M won didn't they? We went out to eat after the game but the shrimp cook off you had sounded better than ours...

Joe and Sherri