Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Couple of Days in the Desert


pointing hand pic

Yesterday morning, all 4 of us plus the 3 dogs took a walk in the desert.  Jim took the picture above, looking back towards the Castle.  I put a little pointing red hand in the middle of the picture – that hand is pointing to the Castle.  There just aren’t many close neighbors out here!

Other than the walk, we didn’t do a lot yesterday.  I worked on paperwork, trying to get some things organized and ready for the dreaded tax preparation time. 

Janna put together a wonderful dinner with potatoes, veggies and the left over filet mignon roast from Valentines Day.  We finished off the cake, too.  After dinner we settled in for a rousing game of Mexican Train, which I didn’t win.  Rats.

This morning we got up early so Janna and I could make our way to the Weight Watchers meeting in Lake Havasu City.  It’s an hour and  a half drive, and we needed to be there in time to get our lattes and be at the meeting around 9:00 for weigh in.  Today was Janna’s second meeting, and she was happy with a nice weight loss.  I also lost a little bit.  With my maintenance program, some weeks I gain a little, then I lose it, back and forth.  Sometimes I stay the same weight, but thank goodness, I’m staying close to my personal goal weight.

After the meeting we did some shopping, ate lunch, shopped some more and then headed back through Parker for Walmart and Safeway stops.  The Walmart is listed as a “Supercenter”, but it isn’t really much more than a regular Walmart with a few more groceries.  They have a very limited selection, and the produce isn’t all that appealing.  So, we go across the street to a large Safeway that has a much better selection.  Since we were in Janna’s little car, we didn’t have a lot of room to cart much home, so neither one of us bought very much.

I cooked tonight, and prepared the whole meal outside on the grill and our little outside propane burner.  It worked great, and the meal turned out pretty darn tasty.  We played 2 games of cribbage after dinner.  The guys took one, and Janna & I won the other.  We left it at that.

As of today, we’ve been here 2 full weeks.  We’re still enjoying the desert, I think we both feel very at home here and are quite comfortable with boondocking.  No plans yet as to when we want to move on.


Al Bossence said...

Always makes me feel good to hear folks are enjoying the great outdoors:))

KarenInTheWoods said...

So glad to hear you folks are enjoying the boondocking. Read on Janna's blog how good you are taking to it. Bet the doggers are having a blast with no campground rules or leashes. What fun!

Karen and Steve

A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

The price is sure right! Still don't think I could do it especially since we aren't equipped! LOL