Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Castle Cleaning

ellie 032 After our exciting and fun times jeeping and shopping, our pace has slowed just a little, and the activity agenda has shifted to more mundane matters – the ever popular washing, polishing, waxing and otherwise spiffing up the Castle.

Yesterday we pulled in the slides and washed the entire outside, from the roof down.  It was a little tricky, considering how close our neighbors are. However, the closest neighbor really doesn’t mind, she came out and visited for a little while as I polished.  This is the 96 year old who lives on her own and still drives (but I think she only drives over to the clubhouse!).  We managed to get the job done without spraying down all the neighbors.

Jim got up on the roof and super cleaned, polished and waxed all the top edges of the Castle, skylight, satellite dome and so forth.  We got started on the polishing, but didn’t get that finished, so we’ll continue with that just as soon as it stops raining.

Yes, we have a much cooler day today with rain showers supposed to end by noon.  It’s a good morning to relax and conserve energy for the tasks ahead!


KarenInTheWoods said...

Why what a clean job you guys did!

Wanna come do ours next???

Karen and Steve
(Blog) http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the well wishes. I am looking forward to meeting up with you on our travels. Take care and enjoy the lifestyle. I cant' wait for our turn

Brenda Brown