Tuesday, March 16, 2010

City Life

I always enjoy getting comments from friends/readers.  Yesterday’s entry brought some especially interesting and heartwarming sentiments.  Jo Wishnie thinks the pavement princess isn’t really back, just that “Desert Ellie” is only missing for a short while.  KareninTheWoods suggests closing all the blinds and pretending to be out in nature.  The Bayfield Bunch sent their “thoughts and desert rocks” to comfort us.  Thank you all, and everyone else who sent sympathy for how close we’re squeezed in here.  We will get through it, I know.  Oh, yes, Jim wonders about all these “old” people around here, and did I put him into a “retirement home”? 

To comfort ourselves, we did what every normal, red blooded American does in the city – we went shopping!  Besides a Costco just across the street in back of the RV Park, Jim discovered a Sportman’s Warehouse right next to it, so off we went after all our errands and chores got done this afternoon.  We found a cast iron Dutch oven and a camp table that rolls up and stores neatly in a bag.  We almost bought a portable propane heater, but since it was over 80 degrees today, we decided that purchase can wait!  Janna, the weight of the Dutch oven and camp table just about equals that of the chair we gave you!

The car got super-cleaned today and the oil changed, along with a new air breather (dusty roads out in the desert, you know).  I started on the Castle and made some progress on deep cleaning.  I admit, being able to run the vacuum cleaner without worrying about the generator fuel is nice.  So is running the water until it’s scalding hot – without having to heat it on the stove.

I think the family member who is having the most difficulty adjusting to the total about face in our life is Jasmine.  She has had a very hard time today with re-learning about people and cars constantly going by our house.  She tends to have a short fuse anyway, and it’s been even shorter today.  We’ve had several little talks about “No Bark!”  to the point she’ll start to growl and turn to look at me as if to remind me that growling isn’t the same as barking.  Mr. BoJangles takes it all pretty much in stride, just more smells to explore, as far as he’s concerned.

It isn’t all bad, however, I was able to enjoy a beautiful sunset this evening:

Ellie 001

I’m about ready for a day trip out to the boonies, though!


Margie M. said...

Pavement? This too, shall pass and you will soon be able to wander out to the big desert beyond. You can put that big cast iron thing to work for ya!!

Bob and Molly said...

Ellie, it has been fun following your desert adventure!! It does get in your blood!!!
Miss you here in Rockport!!!

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

I can tell you made Jim's day with the purchase of a dutch oven. Rollie was glad y'all liked what he cooked in his dutch oven since it was new to him. Can't wait to hear what great recipes Jim comes up with. We are pulling out tomorrow heading to North Ranch. Glad y'all are all settled in. Love y'all, Gina

Janna and Mike said...

We too are parked in the "city" tonight Ellie and we can't put our awning out but it is very quiet and our friends are right next door in their beautiful house.

Pat and Mike said...

I think you guys, especially Jasmine, would have been a lot happier here at North Ranch even though we're a long ways from Costco. :-) Sorry we didn't get to see you. Rollie and Gina will be here today. They will be staying on our friends lot down the road from us for a few days.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Please share your recipes as you try them out, with pictures too if you can! I think it would be great to have some tried and true dutch oven recipes to keep!

Karen and Steve
(Blog) http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods.blogspot.com/

Speedy said...

BOO HOO WAAA WAAA I have not been outside in months and now I am sick and stuck in North Texas!!! Don't tell me how bad it is where you are. I have seen all the pictures and am so envious!!!

CowgirlCreations said...

Lake Pleasant Regional Park is a stone throw away from you...with much more desert/lake/solitude appeal! Plus you'd still be close enough for the airport. I assume you're near the 101...if so, Lake Pleasant would be MUCH more pleasant!!